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Family-Based Immigration Visas in the United States
Family-Based Immigration Visas in the United States

When you or a family member wants to come the United States, it might be possible to get a family-based immigration visa. There are several considerations that you must think about when you are thinking about pursuing one of these visas to come into the U.S. Our readers in ...

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    Keeping America safe is one of the duties of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement. With that in mind, the agency seeks to remove ...

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  • Secure Communities Targets Some Immigration Demographics

    We have discussed a variety of issues that immigrants into the country have to deal with. One of the developments that our Texas readers might have ...

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  • What Is a Conditional Permanent Resident Green Card?

    In our blog post last week, we discussed green card renewal. One thing our Texas readers should keep in mind is that the procedures for renewing a ...

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