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Blogs from January, 2015


All of our Texas blog readers know that we believe in the American dream. We know that for immigrants, living the American dream often involves becoming a naturalized citizen. With the state of the world today and all the security issues, the restrictions placed on immigration issues have increased. This means that anyone who wants to become a citizen of the country likely has to go through several challenging situations before he or she will be awarded citizenship.

Even for people who come into the country legally and don't have criminal histories, the path to citizenship can be still be difficult. For those who have a criminal record or have previously been deported, that difficulty is increased. In both cases, having legal counsel that is experienced in immigration issues can help you to have the best outcome possible. You don't have to face the path to citizenship alone. Let us help you.

Before you fill out the N400 form, which is the application for citizenship, speak to an attorney to ensure that you understand the process and know what to expect. Even if you are reapplying, we can help you to go through the process. We can be by your side in the citizenship interview and help you with the entire process.

At The Law Office of Mana Yegani, our Houston citizenship lawyer knows how important successful completion of the path to citizenship is for you. We are committed to helping you along the way. Every immigration case is unique, so understanding the applicable laws and guidelines is vital as you embark on the path to living the American dream as a naturalized citizen.

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