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Obama: Executive orders could expand number of green cards issued
Obama: Executive orders could expand number of green cards issued

News reports show that national politicians are considering new proposals that would expand the immigration system to accommodate scores of legal permanent residents. The proposed changes are the result of behind-the-scenes negotiations and lobbying, which could result in ...

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    Are you a foreign citizen who is considering transferring citizenship to the United States? This process, called naturalization, can be somewhat ...

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  • U.S. immigration law keeps border residents in

    Most of us are familiar with border checkpoints designed to prevent illegal immigrants from traversing the border between the United States and ...

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  • Why citizenship should be important to green card holders

    Texas is one of the hot spots for the ongoing immigration debate, which has a renewed focus on a path to citizenship for those who enter the country ...

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  • Texas National Guard has little power in immigration enforcement

    With all of the rhetoric about immigration crack-downs along the U.S.-Mexico border that have occurred throughout recent years, one important fact ...

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