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    "She is a league above & beyond the rest."
    Mrs. Yegani was not only a pleasure to work with, but an outstanding lawyer. I had dealt with two immigration attorneys prior to her, and I was left unsatisfied and lacking confidence. I'm so grateful that we found Mrs. Yegani to help us in our case. You can tell she does this job because of the passion she has for helping the ones who feel helpless. She was exceptional in court- highly professional and knowledgeable. Because of Mrs. Yegani's diligence, we were granted the outcome of our choice in court, even while facing the toughest judge. If you're looking for an immigration lawyer in the Houston area, go with Mrs. Yegani. She is a league above and beyond the rest, and you will have confidence knowing she's representing you or your loved one.
    - Courtney G.
    "If there were 10 stars I would give her all 10!"
    The service that Mana Yegani provided was amazing! From start to finish, her team kept me updated with any information the immigration would send them and answered any questions I had. No matter if I called, emailed or text, someone answered all my questions the same day. She prepped me for the interview and gave me a check list of what I needed to practice or needed before my interview. Mana was also in the interview with me ready answer any questions the officer had about my paper work. It amazed me how organized she was and ready to give any paperwork/information the officer needed. if there were 10 stars I would give her all 10. I HIGHLY recommend Mana Yegani to be your immigration lawyer.
    - Jose M.
    "She's the BEST."
    With no doubt Mana Yegani is the best when you are looking for a sound and qualified immigration attorney. I was misled by my former lawyer until I met Mana Yegani, went in and explained in details about my case. While she was talking, I could see in her eyes she knows about everything that has to do with immigration. We started and every bit of information her law firm will carry you along, by phone call, emails, etc. There are thousands of attorneys out there but most of them are just interested in your money but as for Mana Yegani. She's the BEST and she is good in every aspect of immigration cases. If you are reading this review and worry about your case (whatever maybe), just try her services and you will never regret. Thank you Mana for your service. You are the best.
    - Thomas J.
    "I believe Mana is absolutely the best."
    I definitely recommend her!!! She handled the case thoroughly with the help of her staff and the results were amazing. She is highly talented and a very good lawyer. I believe Mana is absolutely the best, she has been patiently following up about my citizenship case and tried really hard throughout the process. Another great thing about her was that I could simply talk to her in Farsi and she openly accepted it and helped me throughout the process.
    - Gita J.
    "I highly recommend her."
    Mana Yegani and her staff are awesome. She is very attentive, detail oriented and honest. We were introduced to her through some friends and she absolutely delivered. Very happy with her law firm. I highly recommend her. Thank you Ms. Yegani.
    - Frank N.
    "I strongly recommend her 100%."
    I hired Mana Yegani to change the visa status for a family member from B1 visitor visa to F1 student visa while there was a lot of changes and more obstacles in the immigration laws. This was a right decision as she is very expert lawyer and very dedicated to her clients. She was always available to address our questions even during the weekends and during hurricane Harvey. Also, her team is very helpful and professional. I strongly recommend her 100% for everyone.
    - Hanaa A. & Noha H.
    "My experience with the Mana Yegani Law office was excellent."
    My experience with Mana Yegani Law office was excellent, I choose her right away because she knew everything regarding immigration. She was very helpful in terms of advice and what I need for my case. I am very happy to work with them. Ms Blanca, Ms Yegani's assistant, was responsive and attentive whenever I needed help with my documents and schedule. Thank you again and keep on doing pro job! I would suggest her 100% for everyone!
    - Javokhirbek K.
    "Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!"
    Thanks to of The Law office of Mana Yegani I was able to reopen my motion to reopen of deportation that I had pending since 2003, She guide me through all the steps I needed to proceed the process and all her paralegal personnel were very helpful they called when I had questions just so thankful to have trusted her. I recommend her to anyone that is struggling with immigration issues I promise you will not be disappointed thank you again from the bottom of my heart!
    - Ingrid Q.
    "Ms. Yegani & her staff provided a pleasant environment."
    Visiting a law office can be intimidating and uncomfortable at this time, especially with immigration law. However, Mana Yegani is not only very knowledgeable about the immigration law, but Ms. Yegani and her staff are very professional and also provided a pleasant environment and listed several options for us to choose from. Immigration problem solved I received my work permit card quickly, much earlier than planned. Me and my family We are all grateful and very impressed with the knowledge and service of Ms. Yegani. God bless you all.
    - Oscar A.
    "I feel like they truly care & understand my situation."
    I have been very impressed with the work and customer service that I have received at Mana Yegani office. They have always been on top of my case and the office has gone out of their way to make sure that I am informed of every step. I always know what is going on and I am never in the dark plus what paper work or appointments I need to do. I feel like they truly care and understand my situation and work very hard to accomplish the goal. I would totally recommend them for anyone that wants things done right and with great customer service.
    - Job R.
    "Attorney Mana Yegani & her staff were great to work with."
    Attorney Mana Yegani and her staff were great to work with. They explained the situation and course of action in a manner which made it easy to understand what was going to happen. They also returned phone calls in a timely manner.
    - Jeremy H.
    "I stand by & recommend Mrs. Yegani 100 %."
    Mrs. Yegani and Associates are very knowledgeable when it comes to immigration laws. They helped my husband through the entire process and told him how to fix a mishap with a previous divorce situation. Kept in touch with us through the entire process and before the interview, scheduled a day to go over entire application and responses. I stand by and recommend Mrs. Yegani 100 % .
    - Hilario B.
    "Be a warrior not a worryer!"
    La abogada Yegami y sus paralegales fueron muy claros y atentos a nuestro caso, nos explicaron muy detalladamente nuestras opciones , y posibilidades, gracias a sus attenciones my madrastra Yolanda Alvarado esta a punto de recivir su cita con immigracion para obtener su visa..recomiendo sus servicios a quien quiera justa y clara representacion..Valentin y Alberto Alvarado..clientes muy satisfechos
    - Valentin Alvarado
    "Professional & clear expectations!"
    Great lawyer and team, 1.- In depth knowledge and explanation(s) of our case. 2.- Sets clear expectations (pros-cons) 3.- Cordial and Professional(s) Thank you Mana and team, Ramirez Family!
    - Carlos Ramirez
    "Great lawyer!"
    I’ve had multiple lawyers in the past and so far, Atty. Yegani handled my case with such professionalism and dedication. Me and my husband know that she is handling multiple cases but she was able to demonstrate great management skills and knows every detail with regards to our case. She is not only an outstanding lawyer; having a good personality is one of her traits as well. Atty. Yegani was able to draw reasonable and logical conclusions even with limited information on hand. However, what I admired the most was her ability to display a great deal of creativity in solving the problem of our case. I would highly recommend her to anyone that I know who has immigration issues as she is knowledgeable and phenomenal. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with her.
    - Daphne
    "Detail-oriented & communicative."
    I was searching on Google for a reputable, immigration attorney for my sister's case. I decided to go with Mana yegani. Well, I can truly say that I was not disappointed. I was very impressed to see how dedicated and meticulous attorney yegani and staff was throughout the tedious Visa process. My sister needed an I-601A waiver and had to go through many steps (a lot of paperwork) Lawyer Yegani also kept me informed/involved in every step and every single detail. It was a long and stressful process, but with great patience, the case was approved. She also arranged for the visa interview which was in the Caribbean. Hallelujah! my sister was granted a green card on Dec. 11, 2019 I am so happy that it is over. I would not have been able to do this myself. Thanks to mana yegani and her genius staff. I would strongly recommend her for anyone who needs a great attorney. You will not regret it...
    - Prisca
    "Exceptional law firm."
    I don't know if my case was a little unusual because I am from rural Illinois and I hired an immigration attorney from Houston. My wife Maria is from Colombia and she was coming in and out of the USA on a tourist visa prior to our marriage. She never once over- stayed the time stamp on the visa and always remained in Colombia past the time frame before she could re- enter the USA. September 2018 she entered the USA in Houston and was accused of working during her time in the USA. She never worked and was always with me. Immigration gave her a choice, go back to Colombia with a suspended Visa or be detained for 6-8 weeks and go before a immigration judge. She returned to Colombia. I have relatives who work for the government, but not in immigration. They suggested I hire an attorney from Houston because that is where Maria was detained and interrogated. I looked online and contacted several. I was most impressed with Ms. Yegani. She told me that I could hire an immigration attorney closer to where I live, but Ms. Yegani has a very mild demeanor and presence on the phone. I felt comfortable with her. To this day we have never met. Her staff is extremely helpful and always respond to my e-mails or calls. It is a long process and if you do not have patience you will soon get some. We are at the end of our journey and I can't express enough kind words for this law firm and her staff, Claudia, Daniella and I know I'm missing some others. I will be in Houston someday and meet this group. They get the job done!
    - Michael M
    "Takes the time to listen to the client & and family members."
    She has integrity and I believe she would do anything in her power to win for you.
    - William S.
    "Would use her services again in a heartbeat!"
    Fantastic work! 1st class service for my immigration needs. Would use her services again in a heartbeat!
    - Daniel G.
    "Wonderful attorney and very professional"
    Wonderful attorney and very professional. Through every immigration process I went through she was very meticulous and covered every little detail. I would recommend her to all my family and friends.
    - Leonardo L.
    "She took the time to actually understand my case & what I was fighting for."
    Mana is an exceptional Attorney! My first meeting with her, I knew right then and there that I wanted her to be hired as my attorney because she took the time to actually understand my case and what I was fighting for. Very professional and exceptionally knowledgeable. I had visited several other attorneys before Mana, and I was very disappointed. Mana worked with so much dedication towards my case that I will always be thankful to her. We went thru several hearings, briefs, and literally 2 different judges. My case that should have completed in the time frame of 6-8 months lasted 3 years only because of 1 bad judge. I am so fortunate my attorney was Mana, because she never gave up on my case. No matter how frustrating and time consuming it was becoming. She never gave any negative remarks, but instead always gave me the strength to keep fighting because it's my right. I guess our patience paid off, and our Judge was changed to Judge Stephanie E. Gorman. Judge Stephanie E. Gorman reviewed my case, and knew exactly what was being asked by Mana and I. She scheduled my individual hearing immediately and in March 2018 I was granted what was asked. I would highly recommend Mana Yegani to anyone who is facing immigration problems. She is someone who will put her 101% dedication into your case and makes sure you get what is right and deserved. Thank you Mana and your team! I will always be grateful!!
    - Zeerak S.
    "Best lawyer in town."
    I just want to thank Mana and her team for helping my family is this tough moment of our life, my daughter was facing deportation and thanks to this amazing team she got to stay and won her legal resident status back. Best lawyer in town. I would highly recommend Mana Yegani.
    - Maria E.
    "Ms. Yegani is an amazing attorney."
    Ms. Yegani is an amazing attorney and a wonderful person. I highly recommend using her expertise if you need help navigating through complicated immigration and naturalization process.
    - Emran Q.
    "She has always gone above and beyond for us."
    I have known Mana for almost 3 years now during our immigration journey. She has always gone above and beyond for us, and has been in our corner when we needed her! Mana is highly professional and astute in the law of immigration. I highly recommend her, and her team, for any and all immigration needs. I truly consider her, a friend.
    - Marc E.
    "Mana Yegani is a trustful and honest attorney."
    I was so happy to deal with Mrs.Yegani and her team , she was very helpful with a quick response and without any delay , she helped me with my immigration case and keep following up with me. Mana Yegani is a trustful and honest attorney. it's always good to have a professional lawyer like her on your side!!
    - Salem H.
    "A very professional team."
    Very happy with my experience with the Law Office of Mana Yegani. A very professional team.
    - Cesar Z.
    "Mana Yagani definitely provides top value on your investment."
    Mana Yagani is one of the most competent immigration lawyers in the US right now. My experience working with Mana Yagani and her staff was outstanding. If you want professional and timely service, I suggest contacting her office for a consultation. More importantly, she's one of the most knowledgeable immigration attorneys which makes it more likely for clients to achieve substantially better outcomes than when working with other lawyers. I would suggest not looking for the cheapest attorney but rather the attorney that can provide the best value for your investment. This will help you avoid wasting time and money elsewhere. Mana Yagani definitely provides top value on your investment.
    - Miqal Q.
    "Thanks for everything !"
    As the result, after 6 months I have been approved for my work permit and social security card.
    - Dung N.
    "Mana Yegani and her team are the best!"
    We are happy to say my mother’s case got approved and she is finally a U.S. resident.
    - Itzel O.
    "Hiring them was the best choice I have ever made."
    They literally go above and beyond knowing that you are trusting them with pretty much your life.
    - Luis A.
    "She did everything to help me get a bond ."
    Thank you so much lawyer Mana Yegani. I really recommend her.
    - Nancy R.
    "Best immigration law firm."
    Mana and her team are very professional.
    - Ricardo A.
    "Exceptional professionalism & a strong understanding."
    Her guidance, willingness to listen, and compassion helped me, and my family navigate through a very difficult situation.
    - Richard R.
    "Very professional & friendly."
    I'll definitely use this firm again if I need them.
    - Erick O.
    "Took care of my problem diligently."
    During the process of my case, they were very compassionate, dedicated, and responsive.
    - Mahdi M.
    "Very professional & thorough."
    Mana and her team helped me each step of the way for me to get my citizenship.
    - Chi L.
    "Knows the immigration laws better than anyone else."
    She is very professional, honest, meticulous, and covers small details.
    - Anurag A.
    "I recommend Mana Yegani wholeheartedly!"
    She is very knowledgeable, attentive, and explains things fully and clearly.
    - Sandra J.
    "Bringing dreams to reality."
    They are very professional and passionate.
    - Areli R.