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May 2014 Archives

Immigration detainees facing unfair pressure to work for free

Would you do the work of a janitor for free? What about for a dollar a day? That is the situation in which many Texas immigration detainees find themselves, as they are put to work to perform manual tasks that are essential to keeping detention centers running. In fact, detainees often do most of the work inside these facilities, including cleaning the bathrooms, doing laundry and even maintaining inventory in the commissary.

Woman thought she was citizen, now facing deportation

It may surprise you how many people in Texas think they have American citizenship when they in fact are illegal immigrants. One woman in Missouri was certainly shocked after she was placed in deportation detention because of a criminal conviction. The woman was apparently unaware that she never obtained American citizenship, despite the fact that she had a Social Security card and military ID.

Spouses of H-1B visa holders could get adjustment of status

Skilled workers are welcomed into Texas and other states through specific visa programs -- but what about their spouses? All too often, these highly qualified individuals are left out of the immigration discourse, and their skills languish from disuse. Now, though, there may be additional employment opportunities for qualified spouses through a new adjustment of status program. President Obama is pushing a measure that would allow 100,000 spouses of foreigners in high-tech fields to pursue their own careers on U.S. soil.

Pending policies could lead to deportation leniency

A new movement to protect illegal immigrants from deportation if they do not have a criminal record may be taking hold in Texas in the coming months. The Department of Homeland Security is lending its official opinion to the practice of shielding immigrants from deportation if they do not have any evidence of moral turpitude. Immigration policy experts have already said that most of the deported immigrants were actually contributing to the nation's economy, unlike those few with serious criminal pasts.

Indian immigrants conclude hunger strike over detention

Several immigrants from India have ended an extended hunger strike designed to protest their continued detention inside a Texas holding facility. The approximately three dozen Indians chose to pursue the hunger strike because they want their asylum cases to finally be addressed. The immigrants are being held indefinitely in a Texas Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center.

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