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Blogs from October, 2014


Are you an immigrant who is interested in obtaining permanent resident status? The process for obtaining this type of credential can be complicated and overwhelming -- that is, unless you utilize the services of an experienced Texas attorney. Adjustment of status takes time and effort, but you will be glad you made the commitment when your green card is finally in hand.

What are the benefits to having a green card?

This type of document proves that the individual is a permanent resident who has permission to both work and live throughout the United States. In order to keep your green card, you must make sure that you file for periodic renewals and abide by the law. Non-citizens without the benefit of a green card are only eligible for temporary work permits, which are independent of other status documents like visas.

Who is eligible to receive a green card?

You may be eligible to apply for a card if you are a relative of a U.S. citizen. Business professionals, investors, and employees may also be entitled to such an application. Finally, the government permits certain refugees and those seeking political asylum to receive green card benefits.

How do I know which type of permit I need?

An experienced immigration attorney can help you determine which type of green card or visa you need. A U.S. consulate is a great resource for those outside of North America who are seeking permission to enter the United States. After you have entered the country, you can make arrangements to discuss your permanent status needs with an experienced attorney. An immigration lawyer can be a valuable ally in your quest to obtain permanent residency.

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