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Blogs from February, 2015


The battle over President Barrack Obama's immigration plan rages on. In a recent move, the Obama administration has taken steps to reverse the Texas federal judge's order that is stopping up to 5 million immigrants from being deported. The court filing is asking a judge to lift the injunction on the immigration plan that stands to help so many immigrants who only want to obtain a legal status so they can work and stay in the country.

President Obama's plan would allow people who are classified as being in the country illegally to apply for a legal status that would allow them to stay in the country for three years. It is important to note that this plan would make it easier for illegal immigrants to have a peace of mind while they are in the country.

The plan wouldn't apply to people with a criminal history. It wouldn't apply to new arrivals in the United States since one of the criteria in the plan is that the person must have lived in the country for at least five years.

All in all, President Obama's plan could help immigrants to continue to live with family members and have a sense of community in the country. President Obama said that he was tired of waiting on Congress to take action when he used his executive powers to introduce the plan.

The White House says it hopes that this can all be resolved quickly without a long court battle. The final two years for the president's term are upon us. With applications for an earlier program taking up to six months to go through, it is easy to see why time is of the essence.

Immigrants often face long wait times and hard battles when it comes to matters of immigration status. Knowing the applicable laws and learning about the current programs might help to lessen the processing time and waiting time for immigrants.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Obama administration seeks to reverse Texas judge's immigration ruling" Joseph Tanfani, Feb. 23, 2015

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