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Blogs from October, 2014


You've heard that it's all about the Benjamins, but you may be surprised to learn that a new type of green paper is making waves in Texas and other states. The federal government recently released solicitation documents seeking the procurement of more cardstock for the printing of new green cards, potentially signaling a massive shift in immigration policy. Government documents show that the proposed number of printed green cards is listed at about 5 million per year.

The solicitation was issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a division of Homeland Security that oversees the administration of immigration rights and benefits. Currently, about 3 million green cards are produced every year by the group. However, the solicitation indicates that as many as 9 million cards could be required during an initial "ramp-up" period that would provide more residents with legal status within the nation's borders. As many as 34 million cards could be produced within the next five-year span.

This is clearly good news for Texas residents who are looking to change their status and obtain a green card. Although the solicitation does not guarantee an increase in the number of documents that are distributed, it could be a harbinger of changes to U.S. Immigration law. Those who are considering obtaining legal status may be encouraged by the possibility of additional reforms that could improve their standing within the United States.

The first step toward obtaining a green card can be as simple as seeking the help of an attorney. Qualified legal professionals can help applicants assemble the appropriate paperwork and information to improve their likelihood of receiving legal status. You could be one of the millions of immigrants slated to receive a crisp new green card in the coming years.

Source: Houston Chronicle, "US gov't seeks supplies for immigration documents" Alicia A. Caldwell, Associated Press, Oct. 22, 2014

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