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Blogs from November, 2014


Our readers have often read about immigrants who have had to deal with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. For people who are being detained by ICE and those who have criminal charges pending, navigating through the court system can be very difficult. When a person has an ICE hold and criminal charges, the difficulty greatly increases. An aggressive defense is necessary for anyone who is dealing with these legal issues in Houston.

Nobody wants to sit in a detention facility for days or weeks while he or she waits on the process to move forward. What some people don't realize is that detainees might be able to have a bond set. In order to do so, the detainee with have legal representation to ensure that motions are filed that specifically seek a bond hearing. Without this hearing, the person facing charges will have to remain in the Centro de Detencion del Contrato de Houston pending the outcome of the case. We can work aggressively to file the motions necessary to help minimize the detention time.

When a person is facing deportation, there are certain procedures that must be followed. When the deportation is part of a case involving a criminal case, the person has the right to appeal deportation orders. This is only one of the federal rights they have.

We have experience handling immigration-related cases and can work to ensure you understand your rights. We want to help you offer evidence in your case, examine the evidence being presented against you and cross-examine the witnesses who are speaking out against you.

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