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Blogs from February, 2014


A Texas woman may be deported from the United States because of her son's broken foot. The McAllen woman was targeted because she failed to report an assault that had occurred on the teenager, allowing his injury to persist for nearly a month. The woman is facing these deportation proceedings largely because she did not have the money to pay for necessary medical procedures. She is now mounting a criminal defense against allegations of failing to report a felony and injury of a child.

Authorities report that the 15-year-old boy was assaulted in January when his stepfather threw him to the floor. The boy's foot was broken when he landed in an awkward position. The child's mother said she left her spouse after the incident, but she was afraid to report the crime because she thought she might face deportation. Instead of seeking help, she moved into a South McAllen home, where she struggled to meet her kids' basic needs.

One of the woman's friends said that the woman did not know where to turn, as she did not have social support and her finances were in shambles. She took the boy to a physician, who said the child likely had a fractured foot. She thought she would not be able to afford medical care, so she treated her son with over-the-counter drugs for 25 days. The teen was transported to a local medical facility, where he underwent surgery to repair the fractured ankle on Feb. 13.

Many immigrants may worry about reporting crimes because they fear deportation. In this case, failing to report the crime actually caused authorities to initiate deportation proceedings. Texas residents who are afraid they might lose immigration status may benefit from consulting with an immigration attorney. These professionals may be able to help illegal immigrants learn more about their legal rights, especially during deportation proceedings.

Source:, "Woman faces deportation for neglecting child's broken foot" Nadia Galindo, Feb. 20, 2014

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