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Blogs from March, 2015


Criminal records aren't a good thing for anyone in America. For people who are in the country with a lawful permanent resident status, a visa or a temporary protected status might be shocked to learn that criminal record often places them on the list of people who the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement targets for deportation. This is also true for people who are in the country without legal papers.

The harsh truth is that you can be deported for having been convicted of certain criminal charges. ICE considers people who have been convicted of drug offenses, DUIs, thefts, robbery, burglary, fraud, falsification of documentation, illegal voting, driving without a license and a host of other misdemeanors and felonies a threat to the safety of the public.

With that in mind, it is vital that any immigrant who is facing any criminal charge has a complete understanding of what a conviction or plea bargain might mean for their status in the country. We know that you probably don't want to face deportation. We can help you fight deportation, defend against criminal charges, appeal decisions, fight ICE holds and a variety of other immigration issues.

It is vital that any immigrant who is facing criminal charges seek representation right away. Delays could have a negative impact on your case, so before you make any statements, plea bargains or deals, let us help you understand how doing so can affect your status in the country. Even if you have already gone through some of the proceedings, you can still contact us for assistance.

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