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Blogs from November, 2014


For people who come to the United States looking for better opportunities, the desire to become a naturalized citizen is often great. Even in the most clear-cut cases, the path to becoming a citizen can be rather difficult. Getting experienced help can help to take the mystery and some of the difficulty out of the process.

There are several conditions for citizenship that our Texas readers should know. If either of your parents were citizens of the United States when you were born, you might qualify for citizenship. Other possibilities for eligibility include a parent or spouse serving in the armed forces of the U.S., you are a member of the armed forces, you were honorably discharged from the armed forces, you were born in a possession or territory of the U.S. or if you were a permanent resident for five years. If you are married to a citizen of the U.S. for three years, you might qualify for citizenship.

It is vitally important for anyone who is seeking to become a naturalized citizen to be truthful on the application. Even a simple misstatement can have very harsh consequences. We know that you don't want to complete your application only to have it denied. We know that you don't want to face removal proceedings. Let us help you fill out your N-400 application.

When your application is approved, you can enjoy the rights of citizenship. As you go through the journey of applying for citizenship, you should be respected, represented and prepared during every step. If you or someone you love needs sound legal guidance in the citizenship process, contact The Law Office of Mana Yegani to speak with a Houston citizenship attorney during a case evaluation.

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