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Blogs from January, 2014


United States Senator Ted Cruz was recently found to be a dual citizen of both Canada and the U.S., thanks to the investigative efforts of a Texas newspaper. Now, though, international law experts have been left wondering why it is taking him so long to officially renounce his Canadian citizenship. Even though Cruz has hired a panel of attorneys to assist with the revocation process, Canadian officials appear baffled by the decision, claiming that revoking citizenship is one of the easiest bureaucratic processes. In fact, those representatives say that an online form can be used to revoke citizenship without the involvement of any attorneys.

Cruz is considered a citizen of both the U.S. and Canada because he was born to an American mother in Calgary. Like the U.S., Canada's laws offer citizenship to any child born within its borders. American parents, likewise, can pass on their citizenship, no matter where their child is born. Cruz did not realize, apparently, that his Canadian citizenship was never terminated.

Now, Cruz may be worried about facing some political consequences because of the citizenship debacle, as he is poised as a leader of one of the most conservative voter blocs in the nation. It is not clear whether Cruz will be targeted by the "birther" movement that accused President Obama of dishonesty about his own citizenship.

Even though the Canadian government insists that those seeking revocation should not pursue the assistance of an attorney, U.S. citizens should consider the possibility that legal representation might be necessary. Clearly, Cruz thought his citizenship had been revoked earlier - perhaps attorneys were not involved the first time he attempted the revocation. International immigration and citizenship matters can quickly become complicated; seeking the assistance of a qualified attorney is generally advised to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Source: Dallas Morning News, "Why is it taking so long for Ted Cruz to renounce his Canadian citizenship?" Wayne Slater, Jan. 03, 2014

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