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Blogs from November, 2013


A new resolution passed by the Department of Homeland Security could help scores of Texas family members stay on American soil. The measure would allow for an adjustment of status for children and spouses of individuals who are actively serving in the military. Relatives of veterans and certain reservists will also be eligible for this clemency.

Authorities report that the "parole in place" system will allow kids and spouses to remain in the country indefinitely. Active-duty and retired military members had been facing a significant amount of confusion because of the vagueness of existing rules. Now they will have a clearer set of standards. Still, the "parole in place" option is unlikely to see much use according to DHS officials who say that the opportunity will only be used "sparingly." Family members will be vetted on an individual basis. Some may not be permitted to remain because of criminal convictions, for example.

The "parole in place" system had been utilized for a variety of other reasons in the past. The policy was primarily used for people seeking to enter the country. Now, DHS has expanded the application of the law to help Texas military families stay together. New attention has been drawn to the policy change in light of a discouraging outlook for comprehensive immigration reform. National legislators have failed to reach an agreement on proposed widespread reforms that could provide humanitarian and professional help for the more than 11 million illegal immigrants in the country.

Now, at least many military members may be able to rest easier knowing that their immediate family members can remain in the country. Military members are willing to lay their lives down for their country. Their family members should be able to live happily, without fear of deportation, in the United States.

Source:, "Deportations on hold for spouses, children of military, veterans" Suzanne Gamboa, Nov. 15, 2013

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