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Blogs from December, 2013


The United States' immigration system is clearly a deeply flawed process that sometimes seems to hand out citizenship at random. A man living in Mexico found that out the hard way after his application for U.S. citizenship was denied, even though he had successfully petitioned officials on behalf of his two older brothers. The man was seeking citizenship confirmation after arguing that he was the child of an American citizen - his father - and his mother, a Mexican citizen.

Even though authorities with the State Department issued the man's two older brothers U.S. passports, government officials declined the man's request for citizenship. The man had presented evidence from his brothers' immigration case, which should have also proven that he was a child of the marriage between his mother and father. Consulate officials say that the information provided only supports the man's brothers' cases, not his own. As a result, his citizenship application was denied.

Attorneys for the man say they are dismayed that he was unable to obtain the citizenship documents he deserves, simply because the consulate refused to follow the law. They argue that this incident is just another example of the systematic failures that lead to unfair immigration decisions for scores of applicants every year. In this case, officials were only interested in determining whether the man's father was a U.S. citizen; since that had been proven in his brothers' cases, the application should have never been rejected.

Victims of unfair immigration and citizenship decisions should not suffer in silence. Qualified immigration and citizenship attorneys in Texas can help these individuals learn more about their individual rights, helping them obtain the correct documents and information to expedite their applications. Applicants who have one parent who is a U.S. citizen deserve to be granted a U.S. passport, in compliance with federal laws and policies.

Source:, "Man's U.S. citizenship in limbo despite brothers' victory" Mark Reagan, Dec. 07, 2013

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