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Blogs from September, 2014


Did you know that U.S. immigration officials deported nearly 410,000 people from the country during the 2012 calendar year? In many cases, those deportees were removed because of criminal charges, but about 45 percent of those removed were not convicts. Further, a significant number of these deportees languished in immigration detention before they were officially released -- only to be turned away by U.S. authorities.

The fact remains that a large number of deportations are entirely preventable. In many instances, those facing deportation do not know that they have legal rights that include the appeal of deportation orders. Further, removal proceedings can often be delayed and ultimately resolved with the help of an immigration attorney in Texas.

So, why is a legal representative so important? Without a team of attorneys, an immigrant may be detained by immigration authorities for weeks on end. They may be held without bond because an attorney has not filed appropriate paperwork. Instead of taking action on their immigration case, these victims can be held in detention without fully understanding their rights. Bond hearings and other processes necessary to secure release generally require the assistance of an immigration lawyer.

Even though illegal immigrants are not considered citizens of the United States, they still have federal rights under existing law. That means that immigrants have the right to legal representation, and they should be notified about the charges against them. Further, these immigrants are entitled to a full legal proceeding including presentation of evidence and cross-examination of witnesses for the government. Immigrants are also afforded the right to appeal their deportation order. Many would never know about these rights without the help of an attorney. An experienced legal team is essential to maximizing an immigrant's chances at staying put after he or she arrives in America.

Source: The Law Office of Mana Yegani, "Houston Deportation Defense Attorney" Sep. 17, 2014

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