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Blogs from March, 2014


Scores of illegal immigrants face deportation every year in Texas, with many of them children or teenagers. Now, one Colorado teen is receiving a significant amount of support from his community as he awaits his own deportation proceedings. The young man is currently being held in immigration detention, just months before his scheduled graduation from high school.

Official reports show that the child came to America as a minor. He was apprehended by authorities, but he was allowed to stay with other relatives after he escaped his home country of El Salvador on his own as a 12-year-old. The teen's girlfriend said that he had just received his work permit before he was taken into custody on March 4.

Authorities say that the young man was granted a document called a voluntary departure order. However, since he did not have any family members in El Salvador, he was not sent back to his home country. Now, though, the situation seems to have changed since the young man has reached the age of majority.

Investigators also say that the young man may have been targeted for immigration detention because of his past history of gang-related activity. Although the teen has reportedly stopped participating in such activities, he still has a criminal record. Effective immigration tactics promoted under government regulations emphasize the importance of addressing illegal immigrants with criminal pasts.

The young man in this case is just waiting to see what will happen next. Many illegal immigrants find themselves in the same situation. A Texas immigration attorney may be able to provide additional assistance for these individuals. Immigration court can be intimidating; facing this process without a lawyer is not always advisable.

Source: CBS4 Denver, "Friends And Family Rally To Support Teen Facing Deportation" No author given, Mar. 26, 2014

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