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Obama administrations asks Texas judge to lift injunction

The battle over President Barrack Obama's immigration plan rages on. In a recent move, the Obama administration has taken steps to reverse the Texas federal judge's order that is stopping up to 5 million immigrants from being deported. The court filing is asking a judge to lift the injunction on the immigration plan that stands to help so many immigrants who only want to obtain a legal status so they can work and stay in the country.

What is a conditional permanent resident green card?

In our blog post last week, we discussed green card renewal. One thing our Texas readers should keep in mind is that the procedures for renewing a green card aren't the same for people who have a conditional permanent resident status. The conditional cards can't be renewed. Instead, the conditions placed on the permanent resident status have to be removed. If the conditions aren't removed, the person loses their permanent resident status.

President Obama gives hope to immigrants who need a legal status

Many immigrants who come to the United States do so with a hope of a better future. Some of those immigrants, including many in Texas, have a desire to become a permanent resident of the United States. Recently, President Obama announced some changes to the immigration policies in the country. Before the announcement was made, immigrants were hopeful that the changes would enable them to remain protected.

Employment-based visas offer a legal status in the country

When people come to the United States, it is often because they want to create a better life. One of the things that is necessary to do is to find a job. In order for an immigrant to find a job, they must obtain a work visa. In order to get an employment-based visa, the person has to have skills that can benefit a company in the U.S. One important aspect of employment-based visas that our Texas readers should know is that there are five different categories for these visas.

Why should I consider getting my green card?

Are you an immigrant who is interested in obtaining permanent resident status? The process for obtaining this type of credential can be complicated and overwhelming -- that is, unless you utilize the services of an experienced Texas attorney. Adjustment of status takes time and effort, but you will be glad you made the commitment when your green card is finally in hand.

What steps are necessary to pursue a green card?

Texas residents who are looking to change their legal immigration status may not fully understand the rules and requirements for obtaining legal status. Immigration law can be very complicated, especially for those who are seeking a green card for the first time. The steps for obtaining a green card require preparation and care, so it is important to understand exactly what is required to obtain a change in legal status.

Obama: Executive orders could expand number of green cards issued

News reports show that national politicians are considering new proposals that would expand the immigration system to accommodate scores of legal permanent residents. The proposed changes are the result of behind-the-scenes negotiations and lobbying, which could result in executive actions that would delay the deportation of those accused of illegal immigration. Hundreds of thousands of green cards could be issued to qualified high-tech workers. Relatives of American citizens and those with existing green cards could also be eligible under the proposed reforms.

LGBT spouses fight for adjustment of status rights

Imagine spending 40 years working through your Texas immigration case. Although four decades' worth of legal fights may seem overwhelming, that is what one gay couple has had to pursue in order to resolve their immigration concerns. The couple -- who met and fell in love in Los Angeles before getting married in Boulder, Colorado -- have been seeking legal status for one of the men since the 1970s. The undocumented immigrant, age 72, is still waiting on word about his pending green card application.

Report: Legal status for immigrants helps U.S.-born workers

Would you believe that American workers actually suffer when highly skilled employees from other countries are left out in the cold without appropriate visas? A new study shows that American employees in Texas and other states could actually benefit from expanding programs that encourage adjustment of status, including the H-1B visa for highly skilled tech workers. Official reports show that major cities such as Nashville, Tennessee, may lose out on thousands of tech jobs for native-born workers because foreign nationals are denied a green card or other concession.

Spouses of H-1B visa holders could get adjustment of status

Skilled workers are welcomed into Texas and other states through specific visa programs -- but what about their spouses? All too often, these highly qualified individuals are left out of the immigration discourse, and their skills languish from disuse. Now, though, there may be additional employment opportunities for qualified spouses through a new adjustment of status program. President Obama is pushing a measure that would allow 100,000 spouses of foreigners in high-tech fields to pursue their own careers on U.S. soil.

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