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Blogs from June, 2016


Women immigrating to the United States and seeking citizenship tend to have a much different - and often more difficult - experience than their male counterparts.

Requirements in the system and built into various immigration processes make it difficult for women to make a solid immigration case.

A study by two researchers over the course of a decade discovered a broad range of variables that contribute to this, including:

  • Men are often considered the primary breadwinner and therefore have an easier path to immigration and citizenship, while women are often forced to wait on their husband or male relative's immigration status.
  • Women often do not have the career or education opportunities that men do in their country of origin, making it more likely for them to be considered a dependent. It's also less likely that they could obtain an employment visa.
  • While the Violence Against Women Act (VAMA) was designed to allow women in dangerous situations to immigrate on their own, there are often requirements, such as proving cohabitation with a violent person, that are difficult to meet since that person is often in control of bills and issues related to residence.
  • Women often have a hard time proving the need for asylum since the treatment of women in their country of origin is so systemic.

Women can improve their chances at immigration and citizenship, including the time it takes to complete the process, by working with a skilled immigration attorney who understands the dynamics of the system and how to work around them.

Attorney Mana Yegani is trusted throughout the Houston area for her ability to get results. She focuses on immigration solely and understands the issues women face in the immigration process, offering solutions for overcoming those obstacles.

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