Venezuelan Tourist detained at Bush Airport – September 20, 2016

My father was detained at the airport. My family and I freaked out. We googled lawyers and found Mana Yegani. It was the weekend and she was there for us. She took the time to meet with us in Houston on a Sunday. She did everything she could to get us answers when no one else could. We would like to thank her and Vanessa and all the other people at the law firm that took the time to help us. We had so many questions and she was willing to help us any way she could. Thank you so much!

Helped us get Green Cards and then helped us become US Citizens – August 30, 2016

Mana and her staff were excellent in helping my wife and son get their Green Cards then eventually citizenship. Honestly, Mana made it seem so easy when I am sure it was much more complicated. She is family to us now. We appreciate her so much.

I was able to get a Re-Entry permit while living/working abroad- August 26, 2016

Mana was extremely diligent on understanding the legal situation of an immigration issue , particularly around re entry permits to USA while living/working abroad. Very assertive and efficient. Staff provides customized support from the beginning to the end.

Legal Permanent Resident arrested at Bush IAH- August 23, 2016

On July 19th 2016 my nephew who holds a British passport with and a permanent green card holder since 2002 returned from an 2 week vacation in Europe and unfortunately during his late teens he was arrested on an misdemeanor charge approximately 9 years ago, and not knowing the immigration laws he was detained by homeland security and locked up for several days here in the Houston detention center. I called attorney Mana Yegani met with her and her legal team of paralegals. I very impressed with her and the paralegals I hired her to move forward with the process of getting our nephew out of detention. I hired Mana on a Tuesday and our nephew was released on late Thursday the same week. Mana and her team or very professional and explains everything in simple terms.

8 year-old drug conviction leads to detention at Bush IAH- August 12, 2016

I hired Mana because I was detained at the airport for a possession charge that I had 8 years prior which put my green card in question. After hiring Mana I was released from the facility within 2 days. Mana and her paralegal team were very professional and I wouldnt think twice about hiring her again.

LPR detained at Bush IAH for a misdemeanor crime- July 19, 2016

My family and I could not be more pleased with the work of Mana Yegani. After an unfortunate situation with a family member being detained at the Houston airport, we frantically searched for an immigration attorney and Mana was the perfect one! She answered our calls/texts on Saturday and met us at her office on Sunday! Mana submitted all necessary paperwork to immigration immediately. We were from out of town and needed court documents corrected and Mana was also able to recommend us an attorney in our city of San Antonio who could get them fixed for us! She worked very hard and was able to get our family member out of immigration detention in a little over a week! Jessica and Vanessa also always kept us updated on the situation. If you are in need of an immigration attorney, look no further! Mana and her team will not disappoint. Forever thankful to Mana!

Probation leads to Possible Deportation- July 14, 2016

Our dad was detained at Houston Airport for a conviction he had already completed probation for. It was a misdemeanor. Mana was able to get my dad out on parole while he waits for his court date in a few weeks, which is a true blessing since I am due to give birth to his first grandchild in a few days. We cannot thank her and her team enough for everything they have done for our family. It's not over yet, but we have confidence in Mana. After court, we hope that my dad can continue with his U.S. Citizenship Naturalization process. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Quick Renewal of Employment Authorization Document- July 9, 2016

I had an extremely difficult, stressful and emotional situation when I forgot to renew my employment card authorization and needed a new one asap. Ms Yegani helped and guided me in the right direction and brought relief to my heart. She was extremely clear, straight and honest at the time to provide me with the real possibilities of success I might have in my case.
No false expectations were created; she told me upfront what was, and what was not feasible to do in my circumstances. She truly and sincerely helped me with her counseling and I will be eternally thankful to her honesty and immigration knowledge. Thank you, Mana Yegani!

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals - June 16, 2016

I came by to renew my DACA card, and she was a really big help! She made it simple, easy, and answered any questions I had plus gave me advice on some future decisions I have in mind. She was friendly, and the staff was equally as helpful, would definitely recommend her to anyone that needs immigration help.

Attorney you can count on time and time again - May 27, 2016

I had a pleasure to work with Mana for several occasions, and each time she performed an excellent job on helping me with my cases. She is such kind and sweet person. Also, very reliable and responsible as well. I would definitely hire her again because of the fantastic service that she provided for me during our contract.
Highly recommended!

Marriage petition, My wife was approved for her Green Card - May 16, 2016

Mana helped get my wife’s green card application filed and approved! It was our first exposure to the US Customs and Immigration Service - it looks like even simple, straightforward cases can be frustrating for the applicant and their family.
Mana knows the process and was patient with us where, if in her shoes, I would not have been patient with me. We highly recommend trusting her with your immigration issues, regardless of its nature.

My brother had a tourist visa and was denied admission and later detained against his will – May 16, 2016

My brother was denied access as a visitor when entering at Houston International Airport. He was detained, interviewed and kept in custody at the Airport for more than 12 hours. Agents there decided that my brother wanted to ask for Asylum. My brother never asked for asylum and never stated that his life was in danger if returning to Mexico. He was also never given the option NOT ask for asylum and was never informed that this misinterpretation will put him in Immigration Jail indefinitely. After two weeks of Agony, we decided to hire Attorney Mana Yegani to help us get my brother out of this jail and deported as soon as possible. She did just what she promised; she got him out and back to Mexico in 10 days. My advice for anyone in this situation would be to hire Mana Yegani the first day, do not delay.

I-539 Change of Status – May 15, 2016

I had the chance to hire Mana on different occasions, starting from consultancy about immigrations matters than work with my criminal Lawyer on a very difficult case and after that I have hired her for a change of status case.
The first thing I can distinguish about Mana is her hospitality, honesty and good heart; she is very involved, knowledgeable and very smart lawyer. She completely explains everything that is going on and delivers what she predicts; she is very dedicated and very knowledgeable in immigration law.
Mana is one of the best Lawyers I have ever seen. I would definitely recommend her to handle any of your immigration needs.

possible Deportacion por DWI – March 27, 2016

Doy gracias a dios y a Mana Yegani por haber sacado a mi esposo de la carcel. Mi esposo fue detenido en el airport de Houston por un delito que cometio hace 15 años. Y gracias a Mana Yegani el pudo salir y no perdio su residensia. Ella nos mantuvo informados a mis hijos y a mi de cada paso. Estoy muy agradecida con Mana Yegani y su equipo por su eficencia y honestidad. Muchas gracias Mana Yegani y su equipo!

Tourist detained at Bush IAH with B1/B2 Visa - May 9, 2016

My nephew who arrived on a tourist visa was detained at Bush Airport. In a moment of desperation and not knowing what to do I searched for an immigration attorney who had experience in airport detentions. Luckily, I came across to attorney Mana Yegani and I can assert she is one fine attorney who is dedicated to her clients. Ms. Yegani kept my family and I updated on a daily basis.I can happily say my nephew was released after he was conducted an asylum interview but prior to that Ms. Yegani's staff prepared my nephew for the interview and he was found credible. I would definitely refer Ms. Yegani and her dedicated staff to anyone with immigration needs.

I got my Green Card Fast- March 24, 2016

My Husband and I hired Mana Yegani so that we could fight to obtain my green card and we were approved straight away on the day! She was very professional throughout the whole process, she has a great work ethic and we were very impressed with her service.
Thank you Mana !

DACA Renewal- March 24, 2016

I chose to have Mrs. Mana tags I represent me for my defer action renewal case. It wasn't easy but she was there to help any time needed through out the whole process even long after payment was received. I would choose her again and recommend her to any friends or family

Legal Permanent Resident with DWI Conviction Facing Deportation – March 17, 2016

Mana, is a great lawyer that's helped us win our case of deportation /removal that my father had, at all times Ms. Mana was honest and always took her time to answer all our questions and calls. My father was detained by Ice around 2:00 am Ms. Mana answered my call and tried to help us immediately Ms. Mana is not just another immigration lawyer she becomes part of your family she cares and takes her time to get you prepare for the case. She has a great team behind her that helps her gather all the evidence she needs her team is inconstant communication with the family, all I have to say is Thank you Mana for making our family be a family again and for trying so hard for my father, my father was released and was able to keep his papers!!!

Por fin soy Residente de Los Estados Unidos - March 16, 2016

Gracias a la ayuda de la abogada Mana Yegani ya soy una recidente legal de los Estados Unidos, gracias a ella mi perdon fue aprovado y mi visa de inmigrante tambien, solo tuve que estar 2 semanas fuera del pais porque mi cita fue en Cd. Juarez y en 2 semanas ya estaba yo otra vez en Houston. Recomiendo totalmente a Mana porque es muy professional y sabe muy bien los pasos que tiene que seguir para ayudar a sus clientes. Gracias a Mana ya no me tengo que preocupar de que me separen de mi familia. Gracias Mana Yegani.

I-290B Appeal/ Motion to Reopen – February 1, 2016

My father has been in the US since the 1970's and his immigration case was a mess. He "discovered" he needed a legal status when he tried filing for SS benefits. The case was further complicated by the fact the he hired lawyers previously to help him but because they were inexperienced in immigration law, they slowed the processed down considerably. When I first discovered this situation, my first intuition told me that I needed to a hire the best immigration lawyer I could find. That's what led me to Mana Yegani. She has glowing reviews from all her clients. She was able to meet with me immediately to consult with on my father's case and all the options available to us. She had concern and care and that's what made the difference. Whenever changes would occur to our situation, she was able to give all the new options. Utilizing her services was much better than trying to do it ourselves, especially trying to navigate the complicated legal language and process. Throughout the process she was always easily reachable by e-mail and responded in a timely fashion. Our case is still on going, but she continues to keep me up to date with any information she gets without having to even be prompted for it.
I highly recommend her for any legal situation you need help for!

Citizenship granted despite criminal history – January 29, 2016

I just received my Naturalization certificate. I dedicate this to Mana's smart mind and hard work. She spent lots of time to understand my situation, prepared well my application (without any fault), during my interview she presented my case to officer, convinced her why my application should be granted. She made it happen. I had a car accident few years back which could have impacted my status but Mana did a good research to defend my case, put together all the documents and defended well to win the case for me. When my application got approve she was more happy than me. She feels pride by winning the case and not money minded. Mana is an excellent lawyer and I recommend her to everyone.

Stay of Deportation- December 26, 2015

Whenever you are in a situation that you need to seek legal counsel, it is hard to pick an attorney you can trust and know that they will use all their resources and knowledge to fight for you; especially for us since we had never been in such a situation.
We are thankful that we were led to Mana Yegani and her entire team. Our immigration case was urgent and Mana Yegani made herself available during inconvenient times. From the very start we felt very confident with Mana Yegani handling the case. We got a sense of trust from her right away. Mana Yegani is more than well qualified. She gets straight to the point, explains the case, the options, and how to proceed without beating around the bush. She is also very understanding and goes above & beyond to get a positive outcome for you and your loved ones. She uses all her resources and does not give up. You always want an attorney that feels for your situation and understands what you are going through.
To the entire staff of Jed Silverman's office: Jed, Gene, Jessica, Vanessa, and Elizabeth... Thank you all! We are very thankful we had you guys represent us.
Words cannot express how grateful and happy we are. For anyone considering seeking legal assistance for an immigration case, you can trust and count on Mana Yegani and her legal team. Thank you Mana! :)

I-601A Waiver (Perdon de inmigracion)-December 23, 2015

Mana Yegani es muy professional al igual que su asistente, Mana me ayudo a que me aprovaran mi segundo unlawful presence waiver ya que me habian rechazado uno porque lo hice con un notario, me gusta que es muy dedicada a su trabajo y se expresa muy bien y con muchos detalles hacia sus clientes para que no haya dudas de ningun tipo, yo recomendaria al 100 % a Mana Yegani ya que estoy muy satisfecha con su trabajo.

Legal Permanent Resident detained at George Bush IAH-December 17, 2015

My name is Manny. I hired Mana Yegani and her law firm to represent my wife "B". My wife was held up in Houston Airport. After doing some research we came across Mana's services and decided she was more qualified. Her and her staff worked real hard at staying on top of the situation at hand. I was kept up with progress and any changes in accordance to Homeland Security in my wife's case. Thank you again Mana and Staff for helping. I will not hesitate to recommend her law firm to anybody in the situation that we came across. Very pleased with her services. Thank You Again.

Green Card Renewal and Naturalization- December 15, 2015

My case could've been avoided if I had paid attention to my renewal dates on my Green Card. Fortunately I was referred to Mana Yegani's Law office when I needed to apply for naturalization. Mana and her team (Jessica Rivera) were always on top of deadlines and documents even when I had work/life going on. They helped me with the utmost professionalism, and I would recommend her office to any friends and family members that need legal representation.

My wife got a Green Card based on marriage – December 14, 2015

My wife is from Hungary and when we decided to get married we were frightened that even though we loved each other very much, the US Government might not let her stay in this country. Mana was very professional and knowledgeable about the law. Working with her, we were well prepared for every step of the adjustment of status process. In the end, we were able to get my wife a green card and we are no longer worried about her status in this country. Thank you so much Mana!

Legal Permanent Resident facing deportation but with Mana’s help he was released. November 17, 2015

Our experience with Mana and her Staff was excellent, their professionalism and dedication exceed our expectations. The whole process was taken care exactly the way it was explained to us in the first meeting. We are very satisfied with her services.

George Bush International Airport Detention of Permanent Resident. Mana Yegani works non-stop to reunite families. October 29, 2015

As soon as I found out my father was being detained at Bush airport I quickly began to look for an attorney that was available on Sunday. Mana was the first one I came across and I didn't hesitate to give my mother her info. Since my mother's first consultation with Mana it has been a very positive experience. She was up front with us about the possible outcomes and she is very knowledgeable and persistent. It's hard to imagine her working on another case while working on my fathers because of the time and effort she put forth into it. She gave us hope and encouragement when we were ready to give up. She knows her capabilities and did everything in her power to help my father and family. I would highly recommend her to anyone with any sort of immigration issues. It should go without saying that my father is back with us and we are back as a family again. It couldn't have been done without Mana and her paralegal. Thanks again.

No fui deportado y ahora me encuentro junto a mi familia. October 29, 2015

La abogada que me represento en mi caso de inmigracion. Le doy gracias a Dios que Mana fue mi abogada pues Ella Es una professional en estos casos y sabe muy bien su travajo! Nunca pense que un abogado desenpeñara tanto talento he interes en un caso como hizo en el mio! Mana invertio munchas horas de travajo intenzo para preparar todo lo necesario para mi caso sin dejar fuera un detalle! Que al final octuvo el triunfo a mi favor! Doy gracias a Dios por aber tenido una representante de gran sabiduria en las leyes y en Dios! Gracias a su gran travajo que Ella y su equipo de asistentes hiciero! Yo estoy de Nuevo en casa con mi familia! Mana no se da por vencida ni cuando las cosas se veian dificil !! Yo recomiedo a Mana Yegani por su dedicacion he interes a su cliente . Gracias de Nuevo Mana Yegani

Dedicated Attorney fights non-stop to stop for client. October 29, 2015

Mana Yegani put a lot of effort and hard work in my husband's case! She used her knowledge as an attorney and never gave up on the case even when it looked bad for us! I am so grateful she was our attorney, Mana also has a great heart, the way she constantly work on the case it was awesome to know we had a great lawyer fighting for us! Non-stop until we had our victory!!! We will always tell people about her and recommend her every chance we get. Thank again Mana God blesse you always! Tina

Father detained in George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Family now celebrates re-unification. October 27, 2015

We hired Mana when my father got detained in Houston airport. She did everything in her power to help us. Even with keeping us positive through this whole process. We've never been through anything like this before and I'm so glad we hired her. Thank God we are now celebrating my fathers homecoming! Thanks again to Mana and her team.

Renewal of DACA with Advance Parole Travel Document. October 22, 2015

I would definitely recommend attorney Mana Yegani to handle any of your immigration needs. She is very dedicated and is very knowledgable in immigration law. I initially hired Mana in 2013 to process my initial request for DACA and this time around I needed to renew my DACA. During the renewal process we had to submit additional information because I had requested an Advance Parole Travel Document that permitted me to travel outside the U.S. for a family emergency while I was on DACA, Mana also processed the travel document and I had no complications upon my return to the U.S. as I followed each and every instruction Attorney Mana instructed. As a result, the process of my renewal DACA was a success! All thanks to attorney Mana Yegani's expertise.

DHS approved our son’s DACA application and work permit. She is honest and will tell you up front what options are available. October 1, 2015

Ms. Yegani is clear, straight and honest at the time to provide you with the real possibilities of success you may have in your case. No false expectations are created; she will tell you upfront what is, and what is not feasible to do in your circumstances. We met her for the initial consultation, and even if we went there to talk about a DACA application, she had the time to hear the condition of every member of our family and provide us with her legal opinion and advice. She showed us her professional expertise. We felt confident with her from the beginning; we had no doubt to ask her to handle our son's applications and to represent him. Then, we met her to do the paperwork and sign the applications, and everything went in a straight line to the approvals. DHS approved our son's DACA application and work permit. Ms. Yegani have a great assistant as well, Ms. Rivera; she makes the paperwork very easy to handle. They are a good team. If required in the future, We'll sure require their legal services again. Of course I will recommend Ms. Megani to anyone who need legal help. We really felt "in safe hands" when working with her.

Excellent job on getting my sister’s Permanent Green Card.

l would like to thank Attorney Mana Yegani and her assistant Jessica for doing an excellent job on getting my sister's permanent green card; Mana was very responsive and explained things to us very clearly, I highly recommend her services regarding any immigration issue.

For all those looking for an immigration attorney, hire Mana. She truly is exceptional. September 8, 2015

My boyfriend was detained at Bush International Airport in Houston for an expunged conviction that was 12 years old. Distraught, scared, and confused, I called Mana's office. Within a matter of a couple of hours, I knew exactly what was going on and the exact reasons why my boyfriend was being detained. I even had a copy of the detention report. Mana was quick to inform me of the process to gain his release and reassured me that the case was a winnable case. Her paralegal, Jessica, was very responsive to my email and text messages too. Mana was able to get him released in 3 weeks at his first hearing. Thank you Mana and Jessica for all your hard work! And for all those looking for an immigration attorney, hire Mana. She truly is exceptional.

She went about and beyond for my family! August 29, 2015

Mana is one of the best lawyers I have felt with in my life. She completely explains everything that is going on and delivers what she predicts. She got my wife out of jail in 3 weeks. She explained to me this will take 3-4 weeks. Once I gave her everything she asked for bam my wife was home in 3 weeks. Mana and her team works hard and keeps you updated and always gets back to you even tho they have other cases to work on. She went above and beyond for my family and I can only thank her by paying her.

Mana is extremely Efficient and Professional. I am completely satisfied! August 26, 2015

My experience with Ms . Mana Yenagy was the best, she studied all of my documentation to ensure my information was submitted accurately, I worked with Mana Yegany to apply for remove the condition of my temporal residence, she was great to work with, she was extremely efficient and professional, she and her team are hardworking . I am completely satisfied, and would highly recommend working with Mana Yegany.

She is a patient and keen listener. Answers all questions with reasonable care. Excellent work ethic! August 6, 2015

The Attorney was very precise, confident about the task that she does and determine to achieve objective, i.e client's Relief / Remedy.

She was very helpful, even attended and responded queries out of Office/work time.

As a foreigner, i felt i was dealing with the Attorney as she is my own country Lawyer. She is patience and keen to listen to client's quarry and answers all question with a reasonable care.

I firmly believe, the Attorney care about her client and her way of work is excellent.

Helped client get out of ICE custody. She was there every step of the way. July 28, 2015

I don't typically do reviews, but for this outstanding lawyer, I will make an exception. She is very knowledgeable in her field, educated me in my case more than my previous lawyer ever could. She helped me get out of ICE custody. She has been there every step of the way, I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Genuinely cares for us. Mana is a brilliant lawyer. July 20, 2015

Mana is a brilliant lawyer. She is very involved, knowledgeable, and aggressive in her work. Even in the toughest cases, she will always do her best. She kept us informed every step of the way and her genuine care for keeping our family together was Truly touching. We appreciate everything she and her paralegal have done. Thank you!

Green Card application was rejected but attorney timely appealed. June 16, 2015

Ms Yegani did an excellent work and most importantly - very timely - to appeal my mother's rejected application for a green card. We did really appreciate ms Yegani's efforts.

It feels good to be home! Mana was very helpful and very trustworthy. She knows what she is doing. May 3, 2015

I will like to appreciate the outstanding effort that my lawyer Mana Yegani did for me as me been detained by immigration looking on my past record witch consisted of a drug charge and 2 DWI my freedom was on the line not just my freedom but also my family for me having 4 children was a very difficult moment but with the help of God and the help off my lawyer we did it i am now back with my family my lawyer was very responsible she always knew what to do she was always keeping me informed off what was happening she came to visit me and the most important is that she care about me as me been separated off my family witch i was detained in Huston and my family in Pennsylvania we were very far apart but for me having my lawyer Mana I felt like she was there for me. I understand that nobody wants to go to a situation and especially with immigration but if they go with this situation I recommend the services of the lawyer Mana shes very helpful and very responsible and very trustworthy she knows what shes doing so i want to say thank you to God first and my lawyer Mana it feels good to be home

She gave my family and me a sense of security. She showed us how much she cares for her clients.

Ms. Yegani was very professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated attorney who assisted us with our unexpected immigration case. I felt that I was always thoroughly informed about the matters related to my case and she was quick to respond to any questions and/or concerns we had regarding our case. I always felt that she was very positive and confident with her work and she gave me and family a sense of security knowing that our case was being handled with eagerness and trustfulness. Her performance with handling our case and keeping us informed throughout the 3 month process was superior and appreciated. There was never any doubt in our mind that she knew what she was doing and she really showed how much she cares for her clients. I would highly recommend Ms. Yegani to future clients because of her expertise, attention to her clients, and very prompt communication. I constantly received emails regarding the status of my case which is always important. She built a level of trust with me and my family and going through this difficult time it was very much valued.

Mana is skilled at verbally preparing her clients for the interview. We highly recommend her services to others. April 28, 2015

Mana Yegani is a knowledgeable and proficient attorney. We feel she was instrumental in helping us in obtaining my wife's green card status. We are a same sex couple and were unsure about all the legalities and slightly overwhelmed by the entire process. Mana and her staff were always professional and personable throughout, she made us feel very comfortable and provided us with a clear time line and expectations. They were thorough in making sure all the necessary documentation was collected, organized and filed in a clear and concise manner to support the case. Mana is also skilled at verbally preparing her clients for the interview which allowed us to enter calmly and with confidence. We not only thank Mana and her staff with helping us get a favorable outcome but would highly recommend her services to others.

My family and I are very thankful she did an excellent job. April 17, 2015

I want to thank Mana Yegani for representing my brother he is a lpr but had a felony on his record. ice put a order for deportation on him. Mana apply for a pardon and won the case after 4 months in jail my brother is free again. My family and I are very thankful she did an excellent job.

Mana saved my brother from being deported. April 6, 2015

I recommend Mana Yegani her and her assistant Jessica are great. My brother is a LPR but had a felony from 6 years ago ice put a hold for deportation on him and Mana apply for a pardon and she won the case. After almost 4 month in jail my brother is free again. My family and I cannot thank her enough she put our family together again.

Mana was always very supportive. She flew from Texas to California for our interview. March 28, 2015

Traveling with Tourist Visa with the purpose of taking the test for my professional certification in the US. My partner of eight years is an American citizen and we were trying to forge a future together in his own country. My entrance was denied in the IAH. The only viable way was to apply for asylum since my professional career and business was not longer possible in my country due to threatens to my persona . I was kept in custody for over a month until they accepted the possibility of applying. By that time, same sex couples became recognized by the US Federal Government. My boyfriend I were able to get married, so we moved to California. Three months later I got my SS number and my Job permit. Three more months later we attended the interview as any other married couple and the officer authorized the Permanent Residency. Mana was always a supportive and very informative pilar in this process, she made everything easier to us and even flew to California for our interview. We are very grateful for her huge commitment and moral support. In her office, Mana's very attentive and hard worker assistant, who is bilingual (Spanish), possesses a great charisma and makes you feel good even in the hardest conditions.

Witty, Charming, Knowledgeable, Professional and Extremely Thorough! She can win your case! March 11, 2015

Ms. Yegani is very witty, charming, knowledgeable, professional and extremely thorough! She brought happiness back to my friend's family after fighting a deportation case that seemed impossible. I was impressed with how well she did everything necessary to convince the powers that be that her client should not be deported. Bottom line is, she left nothing hanging. She won the case! If you have an immigration issue, having doubts about the possibility of winning, don't hesitate to call her. She can do it!

Mana explained every aspect of what I was facing, possible solutions, and likely outcomes. I was impressed by her professionalism, experience, and eye for detail. March 9, 2015

I was recently detained by ICE for a possession of controlled substance and theft conviction, but fortunately with Mana Yegani’s representation I was able to keep my LPR status. It was a terrifying experience, but not knowing exactly what I was dealing with was even worse. I had endless questions and concerns. Mana explained every aspect of what I was facing, possible solutions, and likely outcomes. When I hired Mana Yegani, I was instantly impressed by her professionalism, experience, and eye for detail (an absolute must when dealing with immigration matters). Mana met with me and my family several times to make sure my documents and Cancellation of Removal Application was air tight. That, in itself was a relief. With these types of situations, there is no room for error, and I knew with Mana, that would be an issue. I was confident that I was in good hands, and I was no wrong.

Our family is whole again. Arrest 10 years ago for possession of a controlled substance leads to possible deportation. Mana wins case not by luck but by hard work. March 8, 2015

My family came to the US some 20 years ago. My brother and I studied here in the US. We both have an education and good jobs. Unfortunately my brother was arrested 10 years ago for possession of a controlled substance. Despite his deferred probation, he was arrested just recently to be deported. My father hired Mana Yegani, an immigration defense attorney here in Houston, Texas. My brother’s deportation would have ruined our family. I was hopeless and depressed. Quickly I learned that he was in excellent care. Just like when you hire the A-Team. Immigration courts are not like a normal court. The defendant has little chance of winning his case without professional defense. There are thousands of immigration cases pending and not enough judges to hear the case. Judges will make quick decisions when you can present your case. The judge granted the pardon for my brother and our family is whole again. In fact he does not even have to fear any deportation in the future. This was not luck but rather hard work and expert knowledge of our attorney.

Detained by ICE for a crime committed 10 years ago. Mana is meticulous in her work and looks for several avenues for relief. You must hire Mana if you want to win your case. March 5, 2015

Almost 10 years ago, my son did something which we are not proud off. He faced his punishment and was a model person ever since. However late last year he was arrested and detained by ICE to be deported. First we hired an attorney who said all the right things but then quite carelessly filed the 42A form (cancellation of removal). She did not consult with us and made numerous mistakes which would have had serious consequences. Lucky for us, I noticed only one of several mistakes early. I fired this attorney and asked around for the very best in Houston. A very well known corporate law attorney here in Houston recommended Mana Yegani as the specialist for exactly the type of problem we are facing. I did not regret my decision to switch attorney. We sat down and meticulously prepared the paper-work required. It is not only about filling out a form paper with the correct immigration time lines. There was also "plan-B" and in Mana’s case "planC/D/E and F". Absolutely NOTHING was left to chance. This all is some serious work. I know that my son is a good boy… he really is… Problem however is, that we had only minutes to convince the Judge about this fact. For this reason the paperwork has to be air-tight. And in case you have a tough prosecutor, you want to overwhelm them with tons of documents and references which prove your case. I had several meetings with Mana and she visited my son in detention several times to prepare the case. Then the day came and he was standing in front of the judge. The judge flipped through a telephone book size document. Every ‘t’ was crossed and every ‘i’ was dotted. Judges and prosecutors hate sloppy work. The judge can make a decision only based on the evidence and the case you present. Minutes later the judge granted the pardon and the prosecutor agreed. My son was free after 2.5 month in detention. Again, do not even think you can do this alone or hire some random lawyer. You must hire Mana Yegani if you want to win your case.

Fought for my son as if she was fighting for her own child. February 24, 2015

I met Ms. Yegani last year when my son got in trouble. I hired her for my son's deportation case. She is simply the best. Very thorough and knowledgeable on immigration and criminal law. The most important thing that drew me to Mana, was her humility. She fought for my son as if she was fighting for her very own child. Before the trial, I told her that she is just the best and that I really appreciated her regardless of what the outcome might be. An added bonus, we won our case.

Fantastic service and professionalism! Attorney and staff go the extra mile for clients. February 4, 2015

My Husband and I can't say enough about our lawyer so easy to reach and they go the extra mile... I would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude, I would recommend this office to anyone. They treated us fairly, Because of them my husband is free and able to stay with me, also Mana has an amazing paralegal assistant Jessica with an awesome personality (I talked to more than 6 Paralegal Asst and most of them were careless or rude) Thank you Mana and Jessica :)

Honest and knowledgable! Attorney refers complicated cases to Mana Yegani because she is an excellent immigration attorney. January 29, 2015

I have worked with Ms. Yegani on various immigration cases and have referred her more complicated cases and she has always done an outstanding job helping clients resolve their immigration problems with an honest and knowledgeable approach to the practice of law. She is an excellent attorney who pays attention to details and works extremely hard for all of her clients.

Detention of Lawful Permanent Resident from Minnesota at IAH Airport in Houston. Criminal conviction for cocaine vacated and deportation terminated. Out of State Assistance from Mana-She got the job done! 12/18/2014

In October of 2014, my husband was detained by ICE at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.

He had been on a vacation to Mexico with 2 of his siblings. Houston was where he was scheduled for his connecting flight home to Minnesota. Since becoming a permanent resident in 2004, this was the fourth time he has traveled to Mexico, and had never on the other 3 trips had any problems re-entering the country, so his detention was completely unexpected. When I received that late night phone call informing me of his situation, I was overwhelmed with disbelief and questions. After many tears, I pulled myself together and went on-line to become educated. I knew that I needed a good immigration attorney to help us, but being from out of state, it is hard to know who to choose. I found Mana Yegani's web site and after reading about her qualifications and experience, she sounded like a good choice. I also read through the reviews from other clients and their experience with her was positive, so I contacted her in the middle of the night via email and voice mail. She returned my call right away the next morning. I explained the situation and she agreed to get more information and get back to me. His was a case of a criminal matter that had been resolved in Minnesota, but not through immigration. She informed me that it may be a tough one to win but we would try every option that might work, which in his case there were few options. We had to hire an attorney in Minnesota to work on the case from this end so that Mana could proceed with the immigration aspect. Throughout the time that Mana was helping us with my husband's case, she was patient and explained the process well. There was so much to learn and my questions were many. Any time I needed to communicate with Mana, she was available by phone, text or email. Jessica, her paralegal was also knowledgeable and helpful.

I was fortunate to have the chance to travel to Houston to meet with Mana. It was good for both of us to meet face to face since everything had been done by phone or electronically to that point. After meeting with her, I was reassured that I had made the right choice. She knew what she was doing. Each individual case has it's own unique circumstances, which I'm sure make each one challenging. Ours was no exception. We were fortunate that with Mana on our side, my husband was released after almost 7 weeks and home in time for Thanksgiving.

I would recommend Mana Yegani to anyone with difficult immigration needs.

Lawful Permanent Resident arrested at work by ICE for DUI and Assault Convictions from over a year ago. November 2014

My brother was wrongfully detain by ICE last month due to a mistake on his paperwork on a past conviction.

My sister in-law and I contacted Mana and she replied in less than 24hr (this was a weekend). Mana met with us immediately and gave us different options to get my brother out as soon as possible.

My brother was out with in 3 weeks, thanks to the knowledge of Mana and her team. Thank you Mana

Lawful Permanent Resident arrested by ICE for two convictions of crimes involving moral turpitude. November 2014

My husband was detained and charged with two convictions involving moral turpitude. I didn’t know what to do, family and friends referred me to several attorneys; however, I didn’t feel confident nor comfortable to hire any of the ones I’d been referred to. Not knowing immigration law but knowing that my husband’s case was difficult I was challenge to find an expert attorney. After lots of research my sister-in-law recommended that we hire Mana’s Law Firm. That night we sent Mana an email and a text message and Mana was diligent in reaching out to us. She explain what she could do for us and was confident. Not only that but she found that one of the charges in my husband record was a clerical error and her firm could assist in correcting the error. Mana found a way to present the case to the judge in such a way that the judge granted my husband a bond. Mana has proven to be well verse in immigration law and she is pacionet about immigration law. When you find yourself in a situation in which you can lose it all, having someone on your side who is knowledgeable and will represent you well, is essential. My experience has been pleasant Mana is a great attorney and I find her and her staff to be extremely professional. They always return my calls, text messages and emails. Mana and her staff have been excellent in keeping me in form about my husband’s case. Hiring her was the best decision I could have made.

Powerful trustworthy and Inspirational attorney. Cancellation of Removal granted for Lawful Permanent Resident who was arrested at the IAH Airport in Houston for past convictions of DUI, forgery, driving without a license and writing a bad check. October 2014

Mana Yegani was my attorney during my cancellation of removal trial case. She was extremely efficient and from the minute my family hired her we knew we were in the wining side. With her power personality advice and actions she was able to accomplish her objective rather quickly. When Difficulties were presented during the case she was able to go to Plan B And even have a contingency plan just in case Plan B didn't work. Her ability to inspire trust among the members of my family and myself originated and reflected from her actions during conference calls and more importantly in court. She was specific and clear in her instructions . She was passionate about her job which made me realize that I had the best immigration lawyer by my side. I am thankful to God for sending me a true angel Of justice like Ms Yegani. I strongly recommend Mana Yegani to represent anyone in an immigration procedure as she is the best attorney I have ever seeing in court.

Immigration Law Extraordinaire - October 2014

From the moment we spoke to Attorney Yegani on the phone the first time, we knew she was the perfect choice for our needs. Since immigration law is so specific and specialized, we knew we needed someone who was knowledgeable, yet personal enough to help us through the whole process - to answer our questions and direct us accordingly to meet our desired outcome.

Attorney Yegani made it her businesses to do what was needed to win our case. She not only met us in the middle, but extended herself to ensure what we reached our goal, as we did for her to provide her what she needed to information and documentation needed to deliver our desired results.

We trusted Attorney Yegani with the highest confidence that she would do what was necessary to win our case, and she did not fail. We would recommend Attorney Yegani to anyone that wants respect for there circumstances and results.

Naturalization granted after travel with re-entry permit - September 2014

Mana helped me with my citizenship process and she has an excellent grasp of the law. She is very meticulous and kept me informed through the whole process.

Airport detention of Permanent Resident at IAH Airport. Parole granted by ICE and husband released. Mana Yegani, airport detention lawyer. George Bush International Airport detention of Permanent Resident: 9/19/2014

My family travel outside the US almost annually since 2004. Our port of entry has always been California except this year when we went through Houston (IAH). My husband was detained for 9 hours due to a dismissed drug charge over 12 years ago. The record was from another state and the records were sealed so CBP gave instructions for my husband to get a certified copy. He was given 1 month parole to get his records. The first lawyer we hired did not advise us against obtaining the records and giving it to CBP on his next appointment with them. Our first lawyer just sat down and waited with me while my husband was getting interrogated. CBP was able to charge my husband section 212 because he gave them the certified copy of the sealed records. CBP gave my husband another 1 week parole to take care of some personal business. Needless to say we no longer had confidence on our previous lawyer so we started calling other immigration lawyer that specializes in deportation cases. We met with Mana Yegani and we got the impression that she's very knowledgeable and have extensive experience on section 212. Mana went with my husband when he turned himself in on a Monday morning. I met with Mana that same day in the afternoon to talk about our options. we opted to file a parole. she gave me a list of everything she needs which I sent her office that night. She filed the parole application the following day and followed up with the ICE officer on a daily basis. My husband was released within 12 days. If it wasn't for her diligence my husband would have been detained for months. I did not have any difficulty reaching her and in fact she answers her cell phone when I call her. Her assistants are very helpful and efficient as well. Thanks to Mana Yegani's professionalism and outstanding services, my husband got to keep his job and we'll continue to pursue our American dream.

Ms. Yegani trustworthy Immigration Attorney, Amazing Team.  Client granted Green Card through marriage to U.S. Citizen, San Antonio, Texas: 9/18/2014

Attorney Mana Yegani and her educated staff was one of the best choices I've made in a long time. I searched around for a lawyer in San Antonio, Houston, and the Austin area for a long time. I was on the phone with Attorney Mana for two minutes and I could tell that she genuinely cares about her clients. The words trustworthy, responsive, and knowledgeable are ideal words for Attorney Mana and her team. Making the right decision for an Attorney is not just the most important thing for you, its the most important thing for your family. Don't waste anymore time give her a call, set up an appointment, and you will know in the first five minutes that you are in the right hands.

Mana Yegani amazing human and professional lawyer. Permanent Resident with Marijuana conviction arrested at IAH Houston International Airport. Airport Detention at Houston George Bush International Airport: 8/28/2014

My son was a resident he was coming back for overseas and get stop and arrested for a drug case 4 years ago and it was a nightmare we don't know nobody in Houston thank Good and a client he looks for me a Mana she call me any moment I was need and told me all the true never be alone ,very human and carry about you very personal text me all the time now is the 3rd week ,my son is with me !! We have more time for work but I will recommended at All who has a problems like that ,you can TRUST and BeLIeve in her ,love her!!! Very professional and her assistant is amazing too!

Airport detention at Houston International Airport for misdemeanor conviction. Client granted parole by ICE in Houston,Texas. Very honest and knowledgable lawyer Mana Yegani: 7/25/2014

I was detained at the airport by immigration because I had a misdemeanor 12 years ago and did not know I needed to go to immigration court. I was taken into a detention center where they treat you worse than in a jail. I met a few other permanent residents that had been detained for months waiting to be paroled. I was extremely afraid the same would happen to me. When I met Mana Yegani she explained everything and was very knowledgeable and honest over the matter. I felt much better after speaking with her. She was extremely fast and got me out on parole in less than 2 weeks which is very fast compared to others in there. I'm extremely grateful to her and Ms. Jessica.

Attorney Mana Yegani freed my daughter from Immigration detention. Permanent Resident arrested at IAH International Airport for Possession of Marijuana conviction. Paroled by ICE: 7/26/2014

Few weeks ago, I and my family had a terrible experience when we were coming back from vacation (Mexico). My 28 year old, daughter was detained in the Houston International Airport, even that she has been always, a legal resident of the USA, for more than 22 year and actually holds a U.S. Green card. The immigration officer said that she had a misdemeanor when she was a teenager.

Desperate, we start to look for a lawyer, and I found Ms. Mana Yegani’s web site. I call her, Sunday afternoon, and immediately she begins to work to release my daughter from the CCA (it is a jail). Next day in the morning we (my wife and I) met with her and she explained us in details the situation and the possible solutions. The same day, in the afternoon she met with my daughter, doing a great job to calm her. Also, she met with the immigration representative.

My daughter, a completely legal resident of the USA, a completely clear of any criminal charge (she paid her misdemeanor 12 year ago), was detained for more than 10 days, with no right to be release on bond. Finally Ms. Yegani, was able to release my daughter with a parole.

Ms. Yegani was extremely fast and efficient to resolve my daughter problem. I have an eternity thanks to Ms. Yegani and her assistant (Ms. Jessica) for their completely support to help my family to come back to normal live.

Mana Yegani's keen knowledge and professionalism- Green Card approval from USCIS in Houston, Texas: 8/5/2014

Mana Yegani came recommended to me. I'm very glad she was.

The replacement of my Residency Card was the primary reason I sought Mana's support. At the start, this "common" process was already compounded with other legal challenges that I faced in my situation, which extended beyond the receipt of the replacement card. Mana was able to offer me proper expert legal advice, guidance and support. This was always apparent during my dealings with her.

Her knowledge showed in her ability to answer the many questions I had in relation to these challenges. It was a complicated situation for me, taking extra time to resolve. Mana was able to explain the paths I could take to resolve it, and gave me her recommendations.

Mana's professional understanding of my situation was complimented by her observing my personality taking into account my nervousness and insecurities - leading her to give me even better guidance than I expected. Her personal "touch" was applied when needed. As one example, she provided a weekend office consultation to provide me answers, feedback and a status update.

I Thank Mana for her continued engagement and surely recommend her as a very competent Immigration Attorney.

Naturalization approved in Houston, Texas even with a drug conviction: 7/27/2014

Mana helped my son with his naturalization application. My son had a felony drug charge that was dismissed and a misdemeanor charge for marijuana. Mana advised us on expunging the felony and then worked with us on getting the paperwork filed correctly. The INS had some issues with not having certified paperwork from the Sheriff's office and Mana went personally to the office and spent several hours getting it worked out. My son is now a U.S. citizen and we couldn't be happier.

Mana Yegani saved my family- Cancellation of Removal granted in Immigration Court in Houston, Texas: 7/1/2014

Ms. Yegani saved my family. My husband who is a resident was detained after a family vacation to Mexico. Ms. Yegani was able to expedite his application to dismiss deportation, the court date and hearing. Unfortunately my husband was detained for 19 days, but if Ms. Yegani had not been involved it would of been months or years. She was the best part of this horrible nightmare. Thank you so much.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival approved even though I had a criminal conviction: 6/30/2014

Ms. Yegani is an excellent lawyer and very efficient in her work, I think maybe if would have brought my paper work on time my case would have been solved sooner. I really appreciate Ms. Mana Yegani's work.

Airport Detention and Immigration: 2/10/2014

If you had to choose between a "Mercedes" and a "Ford" what would you choose? Of course the Mercedes, that is what we did when we chose Mana Yegani for representation. We have all our faith and hopes in her! In this surreal experience, Mana made it tolerable for both the detainee and the family members, alike. The approach she laid forth was both methodical and logical, which provided a sense of calm. For the Spanish speakers, Mana has the support of a empathetic and charismatic legal assistant who provides reassurance through translation, bravo Jessica, and thank you Mana!

Wonderful Attorney: 2/5/2014

We hired Ms Yegani after my husband, who is here illegally, was arrested for a misdemeanor. He has a drug charge on his record as well. The drug charge was from 2001. I spoke with a few attorneys before I decided to hire Ms Yegani. One of them told me that because of the drug charge he would "automatically be barred from bond". Mana Yegani was able to get him released on bond just over 2 weeks after his arrest. He is home with his family now! We still have a long road ahead of us. We have a few months to take care of all of the criminal charges and will continue with Mana with all additional immigration issues. Mana is available via email, phone and even text. She has answered all of our questions and concerns and has been very honest with us, never promising us something she can't guarantee. Because of the drug charge, my husband was certain he would be denied bond and eventually deported. He was in shock when the judge issued a bond. We can't thank Mana enough.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: 2/3/2014

Attorney Mana Yegani is a very smart lawyer and definitely would recommend her.
She takes pride in what she does and reviews each case with diligence to obtain a positive result.
My situation was a bit difficult and before making any decision she laid out several options I could take. She made me feel that I could definitely trust her and helped me make the right decision. Thanks to her I have my work permit which has allowed me to better job opportunities. Thank you so much Mana!

Satisfied Customer: 1/10/2014

The lawyer Mana Yegani helped me a lot because my case was kind of difficult. She walk me through every step n helped me fill out the application. I'm really pleased with her work I would definitely hired her again.

A pleasurable journey: 1/3/2014

Mana Yegani is a gem that shines brighter every time you go see her. She was chosen to help with the process of my wife becoming a U.S. citizen. What a great move; her law firm was always open to phone calls, last minute items (faxing the marriage certificate), numerous meetings, and most of all she was proactive on documentation.

Mana was upfront about the probability of our case being approved and what to do if in fact there were issues. I appreciated Mana's presentation of scenarios related to our case. This enabled our families to preserve realization during the immigration process and the upkeep of this dialog during the Modus operandi of the U.S. government was comforting. Her personal constitution and depth of commitment prepared our families for various milestones.

In the end with all the preparation that our families did, we had no issues. We got everything we wanted for my wife's path to becoming a U.S. citizen.

I am happy to say that Mana Yegani and supporting staff are nothing less than the finest immigration team in Houston. We will be returning to Mana's law firm in two years with high expectations.

With the utmost sincerity,
A satisfied family

Professional, honest and a lawyer that truly cares about her clients: 12/17/2013

Mana is a great lawyer. She is very professional and honest, but what sets her apart is that she genuinely cares about her clients and their family. This is a rare quality to find in lawyers these days. She goes out of her way to find the best solution for your problems, always looks out for your best interest and works diligently to increase the chances of you winning your case. Even the immigration officer at Homeland Security had nothing but great things to say about Mana.

Best lawyer in town: 12/3/2013

Mana is an excellent attorney. She is an expert on immigration law and cares about her clients. She's smart and professional. We won our case thanks to her and her hard work. I highly recommend her and will continue to refer her to family and friends.

Thank you from our family

When my family came to Mana Yegani's office, we were scared and worried that our family member would be taken away from us. She explained to us the whole immigration process and helped us through the process. She was able to keep my husband in the country and he is now in the process of getting a green card. Our family is now reunited and we would recommend Mana Yegani to all of our friends or to anyone that has immigration problems.

Mana is a lawyer who brought our happiness back: September 2013

Can't find words to describe my happiness and happiness of all our family. And all this is because of Mana Yegani, a great immigration attorney of law in Houston, TX. I am from Los Angeles, CA and I was traveling outside of the US with my friend. On the way back, we got to Houston, TX and we had to catch the plain to Los Angeles. But the horrible thing happened to my friend.

Immigration held him because of his background criminal records that he had from 10 years ago. They took him to detention center and since that day nightmare has started for us. We started to contact to different lawyers and explain the situation and also to try to get a bond for him so he can come home while his case is pending. All other lawyers told us that he is on mandatory detention and is not qualified for bond. Also, they gave us an estimated time from 6 to 9 month to process his case. After doing researches for lawyers, we encountered with this great lawyer who really knows her job. On the internet, she appeared as a lawyer for airport detainees. Just looking at her picture that she has on her website, she was already promising us that we will win if we hire her.

We contacted to her over the phone and she explained us all the process of his case and she also promised that she will apply for parole that is another way of release while the case is pending at the court. Without hesitating, we met her in the office and signed a contract for her to be a legal representative for my friend in front of the judge. She also promised that it won't take more than 3 month for her to close the case. The next day she started to work on his case. a week after they had the first hearing. They were asked to submit all applications within two weeks. Everything was done by the due date. After second hearing they got a date for individual hearing that was supposed to be a month after the second hearing. In the mean time, she also applied for Parole and we were waiting for results any time soon. We have been in touch with each other every day. She was always available for any concern and if sometimes she wasn't available, her assistant Charles, who is a great person and a good paralegal in Mana's office, would always contact me back to talk about my concern. We all were working together for two months.

It was a monday morning, a week before the scheduled hearing and I was getting ready to head to Texas to be present at the court when I got a great news from Mana. She told me that she got the approval letter from Field Office Director and my friend was granted the parole and he could leave right away. It was a little unbelievable for me and for others. We got his ticket right away and next day he was already home safe and happy. Charles also did a great job heading all the way to Conroe, TX and taking him to the airport. Nightmare was over yesterday for us. We all are happy now and again thanks to Mana Yegani and her team. Now we are waiting for the final hearing and I am sure that Mana will win in this battle and my friend will continue his residency in the US. I will come back with my feedback after we are done with the case. Keep going Mana, you are a great and professional attorney ever. Thank you and Charles for your hard work and for bringing our happiness back.