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Hardship waivers for inadmissibility to the U.S. may be granted by the U.S. Attorney General under the circumstances that removal from the country or ineligibility to enter the country will cause extreme hardship to a spouse, child or parent. There are no guarantees that your waiver request will be granted, but your chances are greatly increased with the guidance and representation of an experienced Houston immigration waiver lawyer.

Mana Yegani assists immigrants and illegal aliens with waiver requests through Houston immigration court and through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). She is familiar with hardship waiver processes, including President Obama's recent executive program allowing for provisional unlawful presence waivers.

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Application For Waiver Of Grounds Of Inadmissibility (I-601 Waiver)

This form must be filed with complete accuracy if you are seeking an immigrant visa, adjustment of status (immigrant and nonimmigrant) or other immigration benefits. It is important that an immigration attorney advise you through this process.

Ms. Yegani helps people under a range of circumstances, including cases involving past deportation/removal, unlawful presence or entry in the U.S. (status violations), criminal convictions and other immigration violations. Under normal circumstances, such individuals would be ineligible from receiving or renewing a visa or gaining entry to the U.S. They may be prohibited from applying for readmission for a three-, five- or 10-year bar period, but an effective waiver request may grant them permission to apply for readmission before the bar is up.

If you are seeking any type of waiver, contact Mana Yegani for efficient and effective processing.

Application For Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver (I-601A Waiver)

  • Did you enter the country illegally?
  • Are you married to a U.S. citizen?
  • Do you have a U.S. citizen child over the age of 21?

You may be eligible for the I-601A waiver.

A provisional waiver may allow for a shortened time frame for U.S. citizens to be separated from family members. It is limited to immediate relatives of U.S. citizens (spouses, children and parents). It may be obtained before individuals depart for a final immigrant visa interview in their home country, and it may allow for quicker application for lawful permanent residence (LPR) status or a "green card."

The guidance of an experienced immigration lawyer is crucial through the USCIS and National Visa Center application processes, submitting your inadmissibility waiver and proving hardship. Any mistake could result in a denial of your waiver. A number of strict eligibility requirements apply.

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