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In 2012, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) removed 409,849 people from the country.

  • More than half of those deported (55 percent, or 225,390) were convicted on criminal charges (criminal aliens), which was the largest number and percentage of criminal alien removals in U.S. history.
  • 21 percent were repeat immigration violators.
  • 17 percent were recent border crossers.
  • 4 percent were removed outside of ICE priority removal proceedings.
  • 3 percent were immigrant fugitives.

Many deportations can be prevented. In many cases, immigrants and illegal aliens are not aware that they may appeal deportation orders and delay removal proceedings with the help of an experienced Houston deportation defense lawyer.

Is Your Family Members Stuck In Immigration Detention?

Noncitizens may be placed on ICE hold without bond until their case is resolved.

Call immigration lawyer Mana Yegani now to help fight your deportation case! Call her at 832-391-8813 (English) or 832-904-3744 (Español) for prompt response to urgent matters in Texas, or email her to schedule a consultation.

If your friend or relative is being held at the Houston Contract Detention Facility (CDF or CCA) - Centro de Detención del Contrato de Houston - hire a Houston deportation defense lawyer to begin the legal process with ICE agents and the Immigration Court to ensure the detainee's rights are protected and to seek an immigration bond.

Without a legal representative, a detainee may sit in CDF or CCA for days or weeks. In most cases, a bond will not be set, and a bond hearing will not be scheduled if a lawyer does not file a motion for a bond hearing through a formal legal process.

Working with an experienced immigration attorney can literally open doors.

Mana Yegani handles immigration issues and criminal law matters relating to those who are in immigration detention in Texas. She also works with criminal defense lawyers handling cases for immigrants who have been arrested on criminal charges and detained in jail. She provides reliable counsel and aggressive defense against both criminal and deportation/removal proceedings.

Applications for removal relief and other applications must be filed directly with the Houston Immigration Court. Ms. Yegani will help you navigate the BIA appeals process and work tirelessly to reach a favorable resolution in a timely manner.

Does Your Family Member Have A Criminal Case And An ICE Hold?

Call Mana Yegani to help you get the ICE hold removed and to discuss criminal defense.

An immigration attorney with extensive experience should handle all aspects of any ICE hold or deportation defense case. Get a lawyer on the case as soon as possible! Status in the U.S. and deportation are immediate risks.

You may be able to get him or her out of immigration detention if an immigration lawyer files a motion for a bond hearing with the immigration court. People may be held in immigration detention for a long time. They need legal representation to file for a bond hearing.

Mana Yegani appears on behalf of her clients in Immigration Court regularly. She customizes strategies for clients facing extremely challenging situations, working to reduce detention time and to fight deportation cases.

Immigrants Have Rights | Protect Your Rights

ICE must follow federal legal procedures when it arrests aliens who are determined to be inadmissible at the border or at airports. Additionally, immigrants who have violated the law (e.g., overstaying a visa, committing certain criminal offenses, working illegally, falsifying documents, voting illegally or helping others enter the U.S. illegally) also have federal rights, including the right to:

  • Legal representation
  • Notice of charges against them
  • Examination of the evidence against them
  • Cross-examination of government witnesses
  • Offer evidence in the case
  • Appeal the deportation order

Deportation Appeals

Ms. Yegani also handles appeals, motions to reopen and stays of deportation orders under a range of circumstances. She can represent your case personally and request an immigration judge review. Contact her for immediate assistance in urgent matters.

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