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When you are placed on ICE or immigration hold without bond, you can be detained in Houston Contract Detention Facility at Export Plaza (CDF or CCA) — Centro de Detención del Contrato de Houston — for days or weeks without bond set or a bond hearing scheduled. You may also be detained in County Criminal Court or District Court with an ICE hold. However, when an immigration lawyer gets involved, the process will start moving and the detainee's rights will be protected.

Houston attorney Mana Yegani fights for clients in ICE detention facilities and jails. Her clients include both documented and undocumented immigrants who have been placed on ICE hold and classified as inadmissible (deportable/removable). She can also help you begin the process to apply for Cancellation of Removal (deportation) for Non-Permanent Residents and Lawful Permanent Residents.

An ICE hold does not mean that a person can be detained indefinitely by ICE. Obtaining release from the detention facility and prevailing in canceling removal is a multi-step process, but Ms. Yegani knows the proper channels, procedure and strategy necessary to achieve your goals.

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Avoid Or Stop Deportation In Texas

If your friend or family member has been placed on ICE hold and classified as deportable, you need to take immediate action. In some cases, Ms. Yegani can help clients be released from custody by filing a motion for a bond hearing. She can professionally argue for lower bond amounts and speed up the entire process.

The Immigration Bond Hearing

Success in a bond hearing highly depends on the skills of your attorney and the dedication that he or she brings to your case:

  • Evidence proving eligibility for a lawful adjustment of status and good moral character are critical to your success.
  • Detainees are often required to testify in immigration bond hearings, which requires representation by an experienced attorney.

Mana Yegani can contest detention, request an immigration bond and pursue cancelation of removal proceedings.

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