Sealing Criminal Records

Sealing a criminal record (also known as "expungement") is a common concern for people facing immigration proceedings, ICE holds and criminal charges. In some cases, an expunged or sealed criminal record may be considered proof of prior criminal conviction and grounds for deportation/removal. In such cases, obtaining strong legal defense from an experienced immigration attorney as quickly as possible is critical.

At The Law Office of Mana Yegani in Houston, Ms. Yegani handles a wide range of cases for Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) and nonpermanent residents with concerns about criminal arrests and convictions, both of which are documented on your permanent criminal record in the United States.

If you need immediate legal assistance, or if you have questions about sealing criminal records, call The Law Office of Mana Yegani to discuss your legal options.

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Should You Get Your Criminal Record Expunged?

It is best to discuss the benefits and process of criminal record sealing with an experienced Texas immigration lawyer who also handles criminal cases. Some of the benefits include preventing people doing all matter of background checks on you from seeing any arrest and conviction records. Landlords, employers, adoption agencies, education institutions, insurance companies and law enforcement all have access to your criminal record. Expunging an arrest and conviction erases it from their view, like it never happened.

Individuals with misdemeanor or felony criminal convictions who do not qualify for an expungement with the court may be eligible for a Petition for Non-Disclosure.

Mana Yegani can help you understand if you are eligible for criminal record expungement or a Petition for Non-Disclosure. You stand a far better chance of success with the assistance and representation that Ms. Yegani can provide.

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