Parole For Airport Detainees

Arriving Aliens May Obtain Parole When Detained

If a relative, family member or someone else you know has been detained at a Houston airport — George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) and Houston Hobby Airport (HOU) — you should consult an experienced and knowledgeable immigration attorney in Houston right away. Airport detention can seriously delay and derail your immigration plans. Detainees may be placed on ICE hold or deported/removed from the United States.

Detained aliens arriving in the U.S. are not eligible for immigration bonds, but they may be released on parole until their immigration case has been resolved.

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The Power To Grant Or Deny Parole

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) allows arriving aliens to be paroled on a case-by-case basis and considers five categories of aliens for parole, provided aliens do not present a flight risk or security risk:

  1. Aliens with serious medical conditions
  2. Pregnant women
  3. Certain juveniles
  4. Aliens who are or will be witnesses in proceedings conducted by judicial, administrative or legislative bodies in the U.S.
  5. Aliens whose continued detention is not in the public interest
  6. Aliens who are not a flight risk or security risk

Additionally, arriving aliens seeking asylum may be paroled for "urgent humanitarian reasons" or "significant public benefit." In such cases, the Department of Homeland Security has jurisdiction to parole airport detainees. For arriving aliens seeking asylum, the Houston Asylum Office will conduct a Credible Fear interview. It is recommended that you hire a lawyer for that process.

Proving eligibility under humanitarian and public interest reasons in addition to proving that the detainee does not pose a flight risk, danger to the community or national security risk is a rigorous process. The guidance and protection that an experienced immigration lawyer can provide is unmatched.

Mana Yegani can provide you with peace of mind and informative legal guidance throughout the process. Protection from deportation/removal, successfully getting parole from airport detention depends on strong legal work. Redetermination of a parole decision is also possible, but quick action is imperative.

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