Win Your Immigration Case With Houston Immigration Attorney Mana Yegani

Making progress in an immigration matter is not easily accomplished without the help of a skilled attorney. Your success and a favorable outcome cannot be guaranteed, but without the help of a Texas immigration attorney, you would experience delays as paperwork stalls, requests are denied or a loved one is kept detained for an undefined amount of time.

Know your case: Set up an appointment with Houston immigration law attorney Mana Yegani to get a better understanding of your case and the effective legal solutions available to you.

Mana Yegani is a fighter and advocate working for individuals and families facing difficult immigration issues in the Houston area, including criminal law cases at all levels of court.

Mana Yegani Stops Deportations And Knows Immigration Law Thoroughly

Ms. Yegani can come to your aid immediately if necessary. In most immigration cases, you have one shot at winning.

  • Trouble getting an immigration bond?
  • Lawful Permanent Residency or visa renewal delayed?
  • Family member or friend facing removal from the U.S.?

Speak with Mana Yegani about her services:

  • Family-based ImmigrationVAWA petitions, Defense of Marriage Act, spousal petitions, Adjustment Of Status, removing conditions of residency, DREAM Act and more.
  • Visas — For temporary visitors, temporary workers, students, fiancés/fiancées, spouses, children, relatives, investors, professionals and others.
  • Naturalization and citizenship — Form N400 application.
  • Lawful Permanent Residency (LPR) — Green card for your family members through adjustment of status.
  • ICE hold — Remove an ICE hold.
  • Immigration Detention — Aggressive immigration defense and compassionate service. Get an immigration bond and get professional representation.
  • Stay of Deportation — Ms. Yegani can file a stay with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to request that deportation be delayed, preventing your family member from being sent back for three months, six months or one year.
  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and deferred enforced departure
  • How to get an Immigration Bond — Get your family member released from immigration jail. Get an ICE hold removed.
  • Airport Detention George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Houston Hobby Airport detention and parole assistance.
  • Criminal Defense — Representation from an immigration lawyer who knows every aspect of the laws affecting your case. Don't let your criminal case result in your deportation. Consult immigration lawyer Mana Yegani today.
  • Refugee and Asylum Petitions — Pursue affirmative asylum, withholding of removal or cancellation of removal to prevent deportation.
  • Waivers — Obtain a hardship waiver even under challenging circumstances.
  • Motions to Reopen a Closed Case and Appeals — Guidance and representation through every step of the complex and consequential process.
  • FOIA Requests — Access to your alien file (A-file) documenting all immigration, legal, work, medical and personal records USCIS and other government agencies possess.
  • Cancellation of Removal for LPRs— Cancellation relief and removal defense for lawful permanent residents.
  • Cancellation of Removal for Non-Permanent Residents — Cancellation relief and removal defense for non-permanent residents.
  • Notice of Action— Assistance with the multitude of complex form notifications the US immigration process involves such as I-797c, I-797e and I-751 forms.

The guidance of an experienced lawyer is invaluable. Win your case with an aggressive lawyer by your side.

Speak With Montgomery County Deportation Defense Lawyer Mana Yegani

Call Ms. Yegani at 832-391-8813, or contact her by email. Send a text message to 832-904-3744.

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