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I overstayed my visa. Now what?

Our lead attorney, Mana Yegani, was recently interviewed by the Houston Chronicle for a news report on people who entered the country legally on a visa, and then stayed in the country after the visa had expired.

Texas resident might like to know about the J-1 visa program

Some people who want to come to the United States want to come here to learn a trade or get an education. Others might want to come to experience the culture. For these people, they will need to get a visa through the J-1 visa program, which is also known as the Exchange Visitor Program. There are several factors that people who are interested in this program should know before applying. Our Texas readers might be interested in some points related to this visa program.

What is a family-based immigration visa?

People in the United States who have family members overseas might decide that they want to help their loved ones get a family-based immigration visa so they can enjoy the U.S. In that situation, there are a lot of questions that come up about the family-based immigration program that some of our Texas readers might like to know the answer to, especially when it comes to different types of visas.

Family-based immigration visas in the United States

When you or a family member wants to come the United States, it might be possible to get a family-based immigration visa. There are several considerations that you must think about when you are thinking about pursuing one of these visas to come into the U.S. Our readers in Texas might be interested in learning about some of the points of family-based immigration visas.

Obama takes immigration into his own hands

Although most recent talk about immigration reform in Texas and other states has revolved around the decisions of the national legislature, President Obama can still make some changes on his own. Congress has again failed to agree or back an immigration reform plan, so our chief executive says he intends to institute new immigration programs through his own branch of government. Reports show that he intends to target green cards and the H-1B visa system.

Citizen of nowhere: Reproductive technology v. immigration law

There's a fictional work called "A Man Without a Country" that has garnered acclaim in recent years. Would you believe that there are actual people without countries, though? One 4-year-old girl provides a prime example of this; stuck between two sets of unfair immigration laws, she is a citizen of nowhere.

High-tech visa shortage could affect economic recovery

Newly released information shows that there may be a shortage of visas designed to bring technology experts into the U.S. from other countries. Official reports show that it took just a few days for businesses throughout Texas and other states to apply for special visas through the H-1B program, which is designed to provide a path to receiving green cards for those with tech-related skills. The shortage of these visas may cause legislators to rethink the visa process for highly skilled workers from overseas.

Business visa program provides green card for foreign investors

Franchise businesses are setting up shop throughout many Texas communities, but the popularity of chains such as YoBlends and Elements Therapeutic Massage may be based on more than just customer demand. Business professionals say they are teaming up with well-to-do international immigrants in mutually beneficial relationships. The franchise businesses have begun pitching their opportunities as a way to obtain an EB-5 visa, which allows foreign investors to obtain a green card if they invest at least a half-million dollars into a stateside business.

Clergy: SAFE Act threatens immigrants

Immigration reform advocates throughout the Houston, Texas, area recently participated in a large meeting to bring attention to potentially detrimental federal legislation. The group, which consisted of a large contingent of religious leaders, is pushing back against the SAFE Act, which contains immigration provisions they say would be harmful to their congregations. The legislation, also known as the Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement Act, was approved by the House Judiciary Committee during the summer. The measure has not yet passed, but it would expand the reach of local law enforcement agencies to allow for more arrests of immigrants who may have overstayed their visas. Now, instead of a civil matter, overstaying a visa is likely to turn into a criminal concern.

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