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What is a family-based immigration visa?

People in the United States who have family members overseas might decide that they want to help their loved ones get a family-based immigration visa so they can enjoy the U.S. In that situation, there are a lot of questions that come up about the family-based immigration program that some of our Texas readers might like to know the answer to, especially when it comes to different types of visas.

Family-based immigration visas in the United States

When you or a family member wants to come the United States, it might be possible to get a family-based immigration visa. There are several considerations that you must think about when you are thinking about pursuing one of these visas to come into the U.S. Our readers in Texas might be interested in learning about some of the points of family-based immigration visas.

Key points about green card renewals in the United States

For permanent residents of the United States, knowing that their 10-year green card is going to expire or has expired can be stressful. Those residents need to get started with the processing for getting the card renewed. This process can be started if the green card expires in six months or less or if it has already expired. Our Texas readers might like to know more about the process for renewing a green card.

What is the naturalization process like in the United States?

In one of our posts last week, we discussed some of the criteria to become a naturalized citizen of the United States. This week, we are going to expand some on what the process entails so that our readers in Texas know what to expect during the process.

Government solicitation could signal green card expansion

You've heard that it's all about the Benjamins, but you may be surprised to learn that a new type of green paper is making waves in Texas and other states. The federal government recently released solicitation documents seeking the procurement of more cardstock for the printing of new green cards, potentially signaling a massive shift in immigration policy. Government documents show that the proposed number of printed green cards is listed at about 5 million per year.

U.S. immigration law keeps border residents in

Most of us are familiar with border checkpoints designed to prevent illegal immigrants from traversing the border between the United States and Mexico. What you might not realize, however, is the ubiquity of another type of checkpoint: those that are located on major thoroughfares within the U.S. itself. Reports from southeastern Texas indicate that scores of illegal immigrants are confined to a relatively small land area because they are concerned about encounters at these interior checkpoints. This immigration barrier has led to some grim consequences, causing far southeast Texas to become one of the poorest regions in the nation.

Acclaimed violinist denied green card, appeal pending

A top-tier professional violin player has been denied permanent residence in the U.S. because of the lack of prestige of her employer. The woman, like many in Texas, came to the States with a dream of pursuing a music career; she obtained an undergraduate music degree and was able to land a permanent position at the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra in North Carolina. However, an immigration official has denied the woman's application for entering the path to citizenship, even though her attorney says she should be considered "an alien of extraordinary ability" and allowed to remain in the country.

Obama takes immigration into his own hands

Although most recent talk about immigration reform in Texas and other states has revolved around the decisions of the national legislature, President Obama can still make some changes on his own. Congress has again failed to agree or back an immigration reform plan, so our chief executive says he intends to institute new immigration programs through his own branch of government. Reports show that he intends to target green cards and the H-1B visa system.

Citizen of nowhere: Reproductive technology v. immigration law

There's a fictional work called "A Man Without a Country" that has garnered acclaim in recent years. Would you believe that there are actual people without countries, though? One 4-year-old girl provides a prime example of this; stuck between two sets of unfair immigration laws, she is a citizen of nowhere.

Houston immigration court overwhelmed with cases

A shortage of judges and the government shutdown in 2013 have created a massive backlog in the immigration court in Houston, Texas. Official reports show that the four judges in the downtown Houston immigration courts still had more than 16,600 pending cases in November 2013, which is a significant increase over just five years before. In fact, those immigration judges experienced a 250 percent increase in case load since 2009. As a consequence, those who are waiting for their cases to be heard are likely to be sorely disappointed; the Houston court's backlog will likely delay judgments for more than a year.

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