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Immigration form I-797 serves many purposes

People who are seeking to become naturalized citizens of the United States often keep a watchful eye on the mailbox to see if their application has been approved or denied. For those individuals, understanding some of the forms that might be mailed out might help them to better understand what they are reading. Our readers in Texas might find the purpose of these forms interesting.

What are some basic requirements to become a naturalized citizen?

For people who immigrate into the country, becoming a naturalized citizen might seem like a distant dream. While it isn't easy and it isn't quick to become a naturalized citizen, it is very possible for many people. Our readers in Texas might like to know a little more about these requirements.

Your path to citizenship in Texas

It's no secret that it can be hard to get U.S. citizenship in Texas. The process can be long and complicated, and the U.S. government is very careful about who they allow to obtain citizenship. In the post-9/11 era, it is even harder than ever since so many strict rules are in place to protect the country.

What are the requirements for becoming a naturalized citizen?

Are you considering pursuing American citizenship through the naturalization process? Although one would think that this type of legal change would be fairly easy to navigate, naturalization is anything but simple. Texas residents who think they are ready for the next step need to first determine whether they are eligible for naturalization. Then they begin the demanding process of obtaining citizenship. This is best accomplished with a knowledgeable attorney at your side because of the complexity and intricacies of applying for citizenship.

The basics of obtaining American citizenship

Are you a foreign citizen who is considering transferring citizenship to the United States? This process, called naturalization, can be somewhat confusing for those who are not familiar with American law. Obtaining citizenship can be a challenging endeavor, considering the amount of paperwork and legal effort that is involved in the process. A knowledgeable attorney is an essential ally for those who are pursuing American citizenship.

Why citizenship should be important to green card holders

Texas is one of the hot spots for the ongoing immigration debate, which has a renewed focus on a path to citizenship for those who enter the country illegally. New statistics show, however, that a growing percentage of immigrants may not even be interested in pursuing citizenship or naturalization. In fact, out of nearly 1 million people in Texas who were eligible to naturalize in 2012, only 58,000 did so. Nationwide, about two-thirds of immigrants are eligible for naturalization. So, where is the system breaking down?

New citizenship plan could triple application costs

Citizenship is expensive, and with proposed immigration reform, the process could soon become even pricier for already financially strapped immigrants. Official reports show that the new citizenship overhaul could impose fines as high as $2,000 in addition to hundreds of dollars in application fees. Millions of immigrants choose to opt out of citizenship because of the financial costs associated with the process. A 2012 Pew Hispanic Center study shows that the top reasons for failing to pursue citizenship are poor understanding of English and lack of financial resources.

Disabled man gets citizenship, caretaker still considered illegal

A disabled man who was granted asylum upon entering America years ago has now been made a U.S. citizen. Citizenship remains out of reach for his family members, however, who continue to live in Texas to take care of their injured relative. Even though the injured man's sister lives with him and even held up his hand during the citizenship ceremony, she shockingly remains unable to obtain legal status in this country. Officials say the family's situation is strange, while advocates call it inexcusable. The woman is considered her brother's legal guardian, but she is not permitted to live legally in this country.

Canadians: Cruz citizenship revocation taking too long

United States Senator Ted Cruz was recently found to be a dual citizen of both Canada and the U.S., thanks to the investigative efforts of a Texas newspaper. Now, though, international law experts have been left wondering why it is taking him so long to officially renounce his Canadian citizenship. Even though Cruz has hired a panel of attorneys to assist with the revocation process, Canadian officials appear baffled by the decision, claiming that revoking citizenship is one of the easiest bureaucratic processes. In fact, those representatives say that an online form can be used to revoke citizenship without the involvement of any attorneys.

Man denied citizenship, brothers' applications approved

The United States' immigration system is clearly a deeply flawed process that sometimes seems to hand out citizenship at random. A man living in Mexico found that out the hard way after his application for U.S. citizenship was denied, even though he had successfully petitioned officials on behalf of his two older brothers. The man was seeking citizenship confirmation after arguing that he was the child of an American citizen - his father - and his mother, a Mexican citizen.

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