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Why should I consider getting my green card?

Are you an immigrant who is interested in obtaining permanent resident status? The process for obtaining this type of credential can be complicated and overwhelming -- that is, unless you utilize the services of an experienced Texas attorney. Adjustment of status takes time and effort, but you will be glad you made the commitment when your green card is finally in hand.

What steps are necessary to pursue a green card?

Texas residents who are looking to change their legal immigration status may not fully understand the rules and requirements for obtaining legal status. Immigration law can be very complicated, especially for those who are seeking a green card for the first time. The steps for obtaining a green card require preparation and care, so it is important to understand exactly what is required to obtain a change in legal status.

Obama: Executive orders could expand number of green cards issued

News reports show that national politicians are considering new proposals that would expand the immigration system to accommodate scores of legal permanent residents. The proposed changes are the result of behind-the-scenes negotiations and lobbying, which could result in executive actions that would delay the deportation of those accused of illegal immigration. Hundreds of thousands of green cards could be issued to qualified high-tech workers. Relatives of American citizens and those with existing green cards could also be eligible under the proposed reforms.

Report: Legal status for immigrants helps U.S.-born workers

Would you believe that American workers actually suffer when highly skilled employees from other countries are left out in the cold without appropriate visas? A new study shows that American employees in Texas and other states could actually benefit from expanding programs that encourage adjustment of status, including the H-1B visa for highly skilled tech workers. Official reports show that major cities such as Nashville, Tennessee, may lose out on thousands of tech jobs for native-born workers because foreign nationals are denied a green card or other concession.

Spouses of H-1B visa holders could get adjustment of status

Skilled workers are welcomed into Texas and other states through specific visa programs -- but what about their spouses? All too often, these highly qualified individuals are left out of the immigration discourse, and their skills languish from disuse. Now, though, there may be additional employment opportunities for qualified spouses through a new adjustment of status program. President Obama is pushing a measure that would allow 100,000 spouses of foreigners in high-tech fields to pursue their own careers on U.S. soil.

Teen immigrant gets green card thanks to pro bono lawyers

It may seem impossible for a teenage immigrant who independently crossed the U.S. border to successfully stay in the country, but one boy's success story has proved to many Texas residents that just such a situation can occur. A 16-year-old boy has been granted a green card after fleeing his native El Salvador at age 12. The child told authorities that he was running away from a forced gang initiation, and he wanted to search for his father.

Military members' families get Texas immigration reprieve

A new resolution passed by the Department of Homeland Security could help scores of Texas family members stay on American soil. The measure would allow for an adjustment of status for children and spouses of individuals who are actively serving in the military. Relatives of veterans and certain reservists will also be eligible for this clemency.

Some Texans win fight against deportation

In locations throughout the nation, illegal immigrants are praying for the opportunity to stay in the country just long enough for immigration reform to take hold. These immigrants, many of whom are in Texas, are seeking the valuable adjustment of status that would allow them to stay in the United States. In some cases, relief comes from an unexpected source. One woman actually received a discretionary pass to stay in the country indefinitely, thanks to the director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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