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Criminal defense matters greatly for immigrants

Criminal records aren't a good thing for anyone in America. For people who are in the country with a lawful permanent resident status, a visa or a temporary protected status might be shocked to learn that criminal record often places them on the list of people who the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement targets for deportation. This is also true for people who are in the country without legal papers.

Criminal defense: Know your rights before entering a plea

Keeping America safe is one of the duties of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement. With that in mind, the agency seeks to remove people who are in the country illegally and who are considered a threat to the citizens. It is important for those who are in the country on a visa, under any immigration programs or illegally to fully understand how that can negatively affect them if they get into any sort of legal trouble.

Family that sought refuge in church gets stay of deportation

A Mexican immigrant who had sought refuge in a church in the American Southwest will receive a temporary reprieve from his deportation order. The man, age 35, had reportedly fled to a church in Texas' regional neighbor of Arizona after he faced deportation because of a traffic stop. He will benefit from a one-year stay of deportation that will allow him to build an immigration case for staying in the country.

Woman thought she was citizen, now facing deportation

It may surprise you how many people in Texas think they have American citizenship when they in fact are illegal immigrants. One woman in Missouri was certainly shocked after she was placed in deportation detention because of a criminal conviction. The woman was apparently unaware that she never obtained American citizenship, despite the fact that she had a Social Security card and military ID.

Pending policies could lead to deportation leniency

A new movement to protect illegal immigrants from deportation if they do not have a criminal record may be taking hold in Texas in the coming months. The Department of Homeland Security is lending its official opinion to the practice of shielding immigrants from deportation if they do not have any evidence of moral turpitude. Immigration policy experts have already said that most of the deported immigrants were actually contributing to the nation's economy, unlike those few with serious criminal pasts.

Man avoids deportation because of sick son's condition

Should the illegal immigrant parent of a seriously ill child be forced to leave the country? Such questions are encountered in jurisdictions throughout the U.S., including Texas. In one recent case, a Honduran man has been allowed to stay in the country after immigration officials were informed that he must undergo genetic testing. The reason: His genes could hold the answer to treatment protocols for his seriously ill son. The 26-year-old man had faced a threat of deportation after being arrested in January because of traffic violations.

Mom facing deportation after failing to seek care for injured son

A Texas woman may be deported from the United States because of her son's broken foot. The McAllen woman was targeted because she failed to report an assault that had occurred on the teenager, allowing his injury to persist for nearly a month. The woman is facing these deportation proceedings largely because she did not have the money to pay for necessary medical procedures. She is now mounting a criminal defense against allegations of failing to report a felony and injury of a child.

Administration on track to lower deportation numbers

It's one of the biggest issues in American government today: Immigration. Even though controversy surrounding immigration and immigration reform continues, new information indicates that the number of deportations throughout Texas and the rest of the nation may actually drop for the first time in 10 years. In fact, experts say that the numbers have decreased by more than 10 percent, signaling a shift to a six-year low in deportation rates.

Texas continues to jail undocumented immigrants

Many undocumented immigrants are detained every year in Texas. In many of these cases, immigrants are detained in state and county jails across the state. Texas law requires prisons to keep track of how much it costs to detain undocumented immigrants, and reports show that county jails in Texas spent more than $156 million housing undocumented immigrants during the last two years. 

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