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November 2014 Archives

President Obama gives hope to immigrants who need a legal status

Many immigrants who come to the United States do so with a hope of a better future. Some of those immigrants, including many in Texas, have a desire to become a permanent resident of the United States. Recently, President Obama announced some changes to the immigration policies in the country. Before the announcement was made, immigrants were hopeful that the changes would enable them to remain protected.

Accuracy is imperative for citizenship applications

For people who come to the United States looking for better opportunities, the desire to become a naturalized citizen is often great. Even in the most clear-cut cases, the path to becoming a citizen can be rather difficult. Getting experienced help can help to take the mystery and some of the difficulty out of the process.

Employment-based visas offer a legal status in the country

When people come to the United States, it is often because they want to create a better life. One of the things that is necessary to do is to find a job. In order for an immigrant to find a job, they must obtain a work visa. In order to get an employment-based visa, the person has to have skills that can benefit a company in the U.S. One important aspect of employment-based visas that our Texas readers should know is that there are five different categories for these visas.

Immigration detention requires aggressive representation

Our readers have often read about immigrants who have had to deal with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. For people who are being detained by ICE and those who have criminal charges pending, navigating through the court system can be very difficult. When a person has an ICE hold and criminal charges, the difficulty greatly increases. An aggressive defense is necessary for anyone who is dealing with these legal issues in Houston.

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