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February 2014 Archives

Mom facing deportation after failing to seek care for injured son

A Texas woman may be deported from the United States because of her son's broken foot. The McAllen woman was targeted because she failed to report an assault that had occurred on the teenager, allowing his injury to persist for nearly a month. The woman is facing these deportation proceedings largely because she did not have the money to pay for necessary medical procedures. She is now mounting a criminal defense against allegations of failing to report a felony and injury of a child.

Immigration problems plague father who cares for disabled child

Although those outside the system may view deportation as a black and white process -- send illegal immigrants home, at all costs -- a variety of humanitarian complications can add speed bumps to the enforcement of general immigration guidelines. Families in Texas may be caring for a disabled child or parent, for example. Immigration detention could compromise a parent's ability to care for his or her child. One family in Florida is on the brink of suffering such a disaster, as a woman's father is facing deportation back to his home country of Jamaica. The disabled woman is a U.S. citizen.

Business visa program provides green card for foreign investors

Franchise businesses are setting up shop throughout many Texas communities, but the popularity of chains such as YoBlends and Elements Therapeutic Massage may be based on more than just customer demand. Business professionals say they are teaming up with well-to-do international immigrants in mutually beneficial relationships. The franchise businesses have begun pitching their opportunities as a way to obtain an EB-5 visa, which allows foreign investors to obtain a green card if they invest at least a half-million dollars into a stateside business.

New citizenship plan could triple application costs

Citizenship is expensive, and with proposed immigration reform, the process could soon become even pricier for already financially strapped immigrants. Official reports show that the new citizenship overhaul could impose fines as high as $2,000 in addition to hundreds of dollars in application fees. Millions of immigrants choose to opt out of citizenship because of the financial costs associated with the process. A 2012 Pew Hispanic Center study shows that the top reasons for failing to pursue citizenship are poor understanding of English and lack of financial resources.

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