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January 2014 Archives

Disabled man gets citizenship, caretaker still considered illegal

A disabled man who was granted asylum upon entering America years ago has now been made a U.S. citizen. Citizenship remains out of reach for his family members, however, who continue to live in Texas to take care of their injured relative. Even though the injured man's sister lives with him and even held up his hand during the citizenship ceremony, she shockingly remains unable to obtain legal status in this country. Officials say the family's situation is strange, while advocates call it inexcusable. The woman is considered her brother's legal guardian, but she is not permitted to live legally in this country.

Many detained, deported immigrants sent to Mexicali

Scores of illegal immigrants are deported every year from Texas and other states throughout the nation. For most Americans, the philosophy is, 'out of sight, out of mind,' as those immigrants are sent back to Mexico and other Latin American countries. For many Mexicans who have spent time in immigration detention, Mexicali has become a kind of landing spot. These immigrants, who are known to the Mexican government as "repatriated persons," often lack the financial and social resources to effectively reintegrate into their home nation's economic fabric. Now, a growing number of those individuals are benefiting from services and aid offered to those who end up in Mexicali after being deported.

Woman fights immigration detention, gets 6-month reprieve

A woman who has been fighting against deportation for five years has been granted a six-month reprieve by federal immigration authorities. The woman will be permitted to remain in the U.S. for another six months, which will allow her to fight against immigration provisions that are threatening to permanently remove her from her life in America. The woman and her large network of supporters say they intend to advocate for her ability to stay within U.S. borders.

Canadians: Cruz citizenship revocation taking too long

United States Senator Ted Cruz was recently found to be a dual citizen of both Canada and the U.S., thanks to the investigative efforts of a Texas newspaper. Now, though, international law experts have been left wondering why it is taking him so long to officially renounce his Canadian citizenship. Even though Cruz has hired a panel of attorneys to assist with the revocation process, Canadian officials appear baffled by the decision, claiming that revoking citizenship is one of the easiest bureaucratic processes. In fact, those representatives say that an online form can be used to revoke citizenship without the involvement of any attorneys.

Houston immigration court overwhelmed with cases

A shortage of judges and the government shutdown in 2013 have created a massive backlog in the immigration court in Houston, Texas. Official reports show that the four judges in the downtown Houston immigration courts still had more than 16,600 pending cases in November 2013, which is a significant increase over just five years before. In fact, those immigration judges experienced a 250 percent increase in case load since 2009. As a consequence, those who are waiting for their cases to be heard are likely to be sorely disappointed; the Houston court's backlog will likely delay judgments for more than a year.

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