Legal Help: I-797c And I-797e Notice Of Action & I-751 Forms

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) uses I-797 forms to notify immigration applicants on the status of a certain petition or application, and to let the individual know if further evidence or reapplication is needed.

The immigration process can be complex and detail-oriented, difficult for many people who have never gone through the process before. A skilled immigration attorney can provide guidance in understanding the notice of action forms you receive and help you complete the required action.

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Legal Help With Notice Of Action Forms

Some of the most commonly received I-797 forms include:

Form I-797 and Form I-797A — These generally mean that the application has been approved, and the applicant is able to remain.

Form I-797C — This form is used as a receipt that the USCIS received the application. It also indicates whether the application was rejected, transferred, reopened or requires the applicant to make an appointment for an interview, fingerprint or biometric capture.

Form I-797E — This form generally means that the agency requires further evidence in your case.

Responding to these forms quickly can make a significant difference in how quickly your case will proceed. Not understanding the form or failing to take action can result in serious delays.

Our lawyers are prepared to interpret the forms and communication, taking quick action, so that your case can proceed and develop. Call our law offices today at 832-391-8813.