Houston Immigration Bond Lawyer

Getting an immigration bond is far different from getting a bond for release from jail on a criminal charge. In most criminal cases, a bond is automatically determined based on the criminal charge.

An immigration bond (inmigracion fianza) is different. It must be requested through a formal legal process with an immigration judge.

Houston immigration bond attorney Mana Yegani helps people detained in the Houston Contract Detention Facility (CDF or CCA) - Centro de Detención del Contrato de Houston - obtain immigration bond hearings, and she works to aggressively defeat ICE hold requests. Ms. Yegani assists individuals who are targeted based on immigration violations and criminal charges in Texas.

Call immigration lawyer Mana Yegani for help getting a reasonable immigration bond and fighting to protect the rights and immigration status of detainees. She is available at 832-391-8813, or you may email her to schedule a consultation.

Hire A Lawyer To Request An Immigration Bond Hearing

Detained immigrants and even illegal aliens have rights in the U.S. Whether you are a permanent resident, have a visa or have been detained as an illegal alien, Ms. Yegani can ensure that those rights are protected. It is crucial to retain a lawyer to get an immigration bond hearing and complete the proper steps that will prevent your family member or friend from being unnecessarily detained and experiencing delays in his or her case.

Is Your Family Member Stuck In County Jail With An ICE Hold?

Call Mana Yegani now to help remove the ICE hold!

An ICE hold may prevent someone from posting bond on a criminal case, but there is a way to remove the ICE hold. Call today for a consultation with Ms. Yegani.

  • Mana Yegani will need to file a motion for an immigration bond hearing as soon as possible to first get your case in front of a judge.
  • She will fight to get the detainee released from immigration detention.
  • She will provide deportation defense to keep your family member in the U.S.

Her guidance and representation will help you navigate the complex system and allow you to remain in close contact with the person who is detained.

Speak With Brazoria County Immigration Jail Attorney Mana Yegani

Call her at 832-391-8813, or contact her by email for prompt response.

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