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Affirmative Asylum, Withholding Of Removal And CAT Relief

It is important to begin the process with an experienced Texas immigration lawyer as soon as possible. A burden of proof must be met in either case, and your success is very dependent on the knowledge and advocacy of your lawyer.

Houston asylum attorney Mana Yegani can help you seek asylum and find relief from removal under challenging circumstances. She will guide you through the process, ensuring that your rights are protected and that every opportunity is taken advantage of in a timely and efficient matter.

Ms. Yegani is extensively experienced, and she will handle all legal aspects of your case with the immigration court. She will also handle all issues at the Houston Contract Detention Facility (CDF or CCA) - Centro de Detención del Contrato de Houston - if you or a relative is in immigration jail and deportation proceedings have begun.

Call Mana Yegani at 832-391-8813 (English) or 832-904-3744 (Español), or email her to schedule a consultation.

Obtain Freedom From Persecution And Life Threats | Apply For Asylum In The U.S.

Ms. Yegani understands and sympathizes with the threats you face if you are forced to return to your home country. She provides legal counsel and representation to clients in the Houston area who fear for their lives and their family safety based on religious, racial, political and nationalistic persecution.

She can take immediate action to stop deportation proceedings and obtain U.S. asylum for individuals and families who qualify for:

  • Affirmative Asylum Action: A one-year statute of limitations exists for people seeking asylum who entered the U.S. on any type of visa. If you fear for your life or you have experienced human rights violations against you in your home country, you may be eligible to apply for asylum. If you are granted asylum, you will be able to live and work in the U.S., and you will have the right to apply for lawful permanent resident (LPR) status.
  • Withholding of Removal: Similar to but different from asylum, withholding of removal status allows you to live and work in the U.S., but you may not apply for LPR status. Asylum and withholding of removal are pursued with the same application (Form I-589). If you have missed the one year filing deadline for asylum or are not eligible for asylum for another reason, you will have to apply for withholding status or relief under the Convention Against Torture (CAT) treaty.
    • A successful withholding of removal application requires a high burden of proof (that persecution in your home country is probable, not just possible) and merits a hearing at which an immigration judge will ultimately decide to grant you relief or to deport you. As a result, an aggressive immigration defense lawyer is who you want to represent you.
  • Convention Against Torture (CAT) Treaty Relief: If you are not eligible for removal relief under asylum or withholding of removal status, you may qualify under CAT. If you have been convicted of a felony or other serious crime, you will only be able to apply for relief under CAT, and you will do so on the same Form I-589. Ms. Yegani can help you thoroughly explain your case, which is dependent on the very likely possibility that you will be tortured if you are returned to your home country. This is a high standard for relief, but one that is worth pursuing with an experienced U.S. immigration attorney if your fear is legitimate.

If you are being held in immigration jail and would like to seek removal relief, it is critical to contact Ms. Yegani right away. She can help stop the deportation proceedings and build a strong case for removal relief on your behalf.

You can avoid being deported! Speak with Mana Yegani to discuss your unique situation and whether you may qualify for affirmative asylum, withholding of removal or relief under the CAT treaty.

Montgomery County Immigration Attorney Mana Yegani

Call her at 832-391-8813 (English) or 832-904-3744 (Español), or contact her by email .

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